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The best way to get through to me is by screaming your lungs out. It must be a primal kind if scream - like that of a cougar in heat, or better yet, a banshee. It is the form of communication that I am most in tune to.

If that doesn't yield results, you can email me at

inbluehaze (at) gmail (dot) com

(I love writing email addresses like this. It is so fancy and pointlessly complicated to write it in this manner. Makes me feel very special.)

Or you can call Taye Diggs and ask him to connect to me. He knows what to do.

If you feel compelled to see me to either pat my cheek in admiration or slap my cheek in condemnation, come on over to my house by the river. I'll give you lavender tea and crumpets and you can do the needful.

p.s. You can ask me ANYTHING and I WILL tell you the truth.

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Thank you so much for being here. You must know that I love reading your comments more than I love the idea of baby bunnies eating frosted cupcakes sitting atop a cloud. They make me happy when skies are blue, yellow, pink or grey. ♥