100 things

1. I am more sentimental than I am sensible. This governs all of my proclivities and all of my decisions.

2. I hate opening doors in public bathrooms, especially after washing my hands. Sometimes I wait for many minutes for someone to come along so that they'll open the door.

3. I don't like it when plates are stacked. The bottom of the plate on top sits on the top of the plate below and contaminates it.

4. Messy and dirty are very very different things. I am the most naturally messy person I know. It is in my nature, my blood, my genes and my soul to be messy about everything. It's called organized chaos.

5. Couples in movies do live happily ever after unless there is a sequel, in which case they would have broken up by then, and by the end of the sequel, they get back together again. It's like the perfect crime!.

6. Whenever I feel loopy and want to feel normal again, I watch Jerry Springer. Brings me right back every time.

7. I hate any kind of physical activity, especially things related to cleaning or tidying, but I like washing dishes. It's cathartic.

8. This quote defines me better than any other: "I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love." - Leo Tolstoy, Family Happiness

9. I haven't seen a worse dancer than myself. Also, I am worse at dancing than at anything else.

10. I am penny wise, pound foolish and I love being that way. Saving money in small places makes me so happy that I don't even notice it if I lose a lot of money in the end. This possibly explains my current financial status though, and that makes me rethink this whole way of living.

11. If you asked me to choose between a chocolate cake and a fresh fruit cake, I'd probably choose a fresh fruit cake, which is really weird because I used to be the biggest chocoholic ever. This shift started happening when I started going  out with Thom. I am convinced that there is some twisted explanation to this. 

12. Sometimes I eat a whole loaf of bread because some breads taste so finger lickin' good. This is much like eating a whole cake just 'coz it you can't put it down. You know what I'm saying, right? Tell me you do!

13. "Imagine there's no countries. It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for." I believe in this with a vengeance. If there was a way we could figure out a way to live without imaginary boundaries cleaving us and dictating our way of life, it would do us a "world of good".

14. My greatest interests in life in descending order: 1. Food 2. Photography 3. Books. 

15. Cupcakes are a girl's greatest friend and worst enemy. 

16. I love, love, LOVE weddings. What a party! But I really don't understand the point of getting married. It definitely hasn't made a single difference in  my life. It's really just a sign on a piece of paper. 

17. Despite this, I've always had this fantasy of getting married in Vegas on a whim. 

18. Charlie Sheen is the stuff awesome is made of. So is Britney Spears. They should get married and not have  babies.

19. I think that I would make a thrilling addition to the Desperate Housewives gang. Because obviously!

20. My brother is my favouritest person in the whole wide world. This is because my parents had him because I was adamant that I wanted a sibling. This is also because he is kind, funny, sweet and sappy. This is also because when I make cakes, he eats all of it in one go and that makes me feel like Super Girl.

21. I think that the best thing I cook is Chocolate Cake. 

22. I ate crab once when I was 18 and I got pancreatitis the next day and almost died. ICUs are not fun!

23. As a child, I wanted to be a painter - not an artist, but someone who paints houses. Looked like such fun! This may also be because I was obsessed with Tom Sawyer and his fence painting adventure. 

24. Shashi Tharoor's 'The Great Indian Novel' is possibly the book that I have enjoyed reading the most. 

25. We are going to name our first dog Vodka and our second dog Zahra. They will both have the last name Thomas and the middle name Kiddog, after my beloved Dachshund, Nicola Kiddog (Nikki). 

26. The kinda chocolate and the kinda people I like are the same: sweet and a little nutty.

27. Laughter is the best medicine and  the best problem solver. If I ever have a terminal illness, I will lock myself in a room and watch funny movies all day and ten days later, I know that I will come out all cured. 

28. I think that I look very pretty when I cry. My nose becomes red almost instantly and my eyes look all clear.  Sometimes when I want to look or feel pretty, I make myself cry. 

29. I am totally for plastic surgery. It's the same as make up, if you ask me. You're just enhancing your best features and hiding your flaws. But I don't think I'll ever care enough about my appearance to either wear make up consistently or have plastic surgery. Isn't that too bad?

30. I wanna be the kinda gal who can rock a red lipstick. 

31. I would make a great terminator. I am superlatively good at killing insects and creepy crawlies.  

32. My books and my high heels are my pride and my joy. Keep your bedside book stacks and your heels tall. 

33. I dont think that I'll ever be able to refer to Thom as 'my husband' without shuddering inside. It doesn't look like I'll ever get used to it. 

34. I really did not enjoy my wedding. If I had to do it  over again, I would either not get married or I'd just have it registered at the court. 

35. I am obsessed with floor lamps. They light up my world. 

36. Redonculous should really be a world.So should fantabulous. So should phenomenousness. So should Elizabeth - for all things sparkly. 

37. If I could have any one skill, I would want to be able to paint. 

38. I love board games. My favourite is Pictionary and my least favourite is Scrabble. 

39. "Wish you were here" is Thom's and my song.

40. When people agree with me, I start doubting whether I am wrong. [Read: May need therapy.]

41. The seven chakras in the human body are 1. Mooladhara 2. Svadhisthana 3. Manipura 4. Anahata 5. Vissudha 6. Ajna and 7.Sahasrara. Share your knowledge with moi! ;)

42. I am in love with chevron stripes and buntings! I could live in a bunting house with great satisfaction. 

43. My old boss once told me that amongst all literary and cinematic characters, I was most like Amelie

44. My fake name when I was younger was Aisha Thomas. I was always obsessed with the name Thomas. Funny how I'm married  to a Thomas now. 

45.  I dare you to say 'I have a dream' or 'What's love got to do with it' without singing it as a song in your head simultaneously. Go on. I dare ya. 

46. I have a very strong case of 'Paris Obsession'(Parisiophilia?) In my head, its the stuff fairy dust is made of. The reason I didn't go there for my honeymoon is that I had become so obsessed with it towards the end that I was scared that I would disappoint myself with it. (I'm a cuckoo person most of the time!)

47. Vietnam, however, may just be Shangri - La. 

48. Most embarrassing moment:  I once tied up my pants with a rope because I didn't have a belt. The rope came undone and the pants fell at my ankles while I was in a restaurant. 

49. My father's house is on the bank of a beautiful river and I love being in the water. But I barely know swimming, which is really sad. 

50. I am trying to slowly convert my kitchen into an organic one. It's an arduous and expensive task and I am unsure of whether I will completely succeed because organic food, ironically, is hard to find in India. 

51. I may look scary and fierce but in truth, I'm really a softie. Or maybe I don't look scary and fierce. I gotta check up on this one. 

52. I love mysterious ailments and the diagnostic possibilities they offer. They make me feel like God, a detective and a doctor all at the same. 

53. I genuinely believe that the point of life is to have as many moments as possible when you feel like Super Girl (or Super Dude). You need to seek them out, chase them with ferocity, grab them by the cuff and make them your own. You need to own them. Psychologists call these 'Peak Experiences',

54. Woody Allen fascinates me. I wish  that I could pick his brain, but then again, so do a lot of people, and this may be one thing that I don't wish to wait in line for. 

55. Thom and I are Hottie and Yellow respectively. Because obviously! But dontcha tell nobody!

56. I sometimes wish that I could go live in a really posh jail so that I could read awesome books all day and all night and not do anything else. I told Thom this and he said that he had the same fantasy, except that he would return to the world after a couple of years shinier and smarter and go on to make his first billion. I of course, don't want to return. I just want to be in jail. but Thom and I, I tell you - two peas in a giant pod!

57. I badly, desperately, fiercely want to look like Rosie Huntington Whitely. No one ever has and no one ever will look as smokin'.

58. It's fascinating how the garlic, a classic symbol of malodour, can smell so good when it is getting cooked. It reminds me that I should spend more time cooking and less time eating. 

59.While I do spend a lot of time being self deprecating {regretfully so}, I do tell myself a lot of times that a masher cannot do what willing fingers can, and if you throw things into a high end mixer and blitz, you can ruin produce that would have been beautiful with a simple mandolin slicer. There really is a place and a purpose for the meek and the mighty in this world, and neither is less noble than the other. 

60. I would rather walk,or better yet, run, than drive or ride in a car. Spending money on petrol is like burning it away. Why would you  want  to burn money away? Why? Why?

61. Marriage is alright thanks to equitable work sharing. Thom cleans and I cook. It's a win-win for me for sure!

62. Making my own butter always makes me feel like I have super powers. You should try it out some time. 

63. Quilts are the best thing invented by man. They can make anything better. Like fairy dust. 

64. I WILL have a cookbook completely written before I am 33. I will, I will, I will. 

65. I don't know anyone whose first salary was lower than mine. It's something I'm gonna talk about on television after I earn my first trillion. 

66. My wedding ring makes me very very happy. Just because.

67. Sometimes I think that I want to have a baby so that for the next year or so, I don't have to worry about a career or my calling or a job or what I should be doing with my life. You can file this as #241 under 'Insanely misguided reasons to have a baby'. Wanna hear the rest?

68. Tahloula might just be the most sparkly name eva!

69. The coolest person that I have met is the Dalai Lama. I haven't really met him, but I attended one of his teachings and then ate a meal with him and about a hundred of his followers. 

70. Wear your scars as your badge. Embrace them and be proud of them and show them off with dignity and grit because they are what add the blue and the purple to the rainbow that is you. 

71. A really good piece of diet advice from me to you is this: drink your coffee in a wine glass, your tea in a beer mug and your alcohol in a shot glass.

72. You know what's really awkward if you ask me? The way 'awkward' is spelt. And you know what else is awkward. Imagine that you are channel surfing with your boyfriend and you chance upon a show that you hate but you know that he really loves. That  moment in time when you are trying to figure out whether you should surreptitiously change the channel, all the while hoping that he hasn't  caught your treachery, or just let him watch the show - now that moment is awkward!

73. Call me a snob or a fool if you will, but at this point, I can truly say that I would rather discover interesting blogs and get to know the authors through their words, than meet exciting people. In short, I would rather read the words of interesting men and women than talk to them.

74. As awesome as I think Ipads are, I'm never going to be excited about it as an easy way to read books. I  haven't been able to bring myself to do read from it just yet, even though I have a huge collection of books on it. The feel of a book is irreplaceable. I hope that people remember this. 

75. What matters more than anything else in the world is inner peace, or as I like to call it, the tangible manifestation of retail therapy in a shoe store. Inner peace matters. And it is easy to find. It would also, of course, help if you didn't lie, cheat or steal.

76. I think that the next job I would like to try out is as a baker. Then I'm gonna start my own bakery and y'all can have all the free croissants you want, alright?

77. One thing that I have learnt about myself in the past year is this: If I have a bottle of water and a laptop with an internet connection, I can stay absolutely entertained for more than twelve hours.

78. I don't know what the big deal about housework is. It's such a breeze. There's hardly any work involved! I'm sure y'all think that I'm not doing it right, right? Yup. I'm not even gonna debate that. 

79. I have been told more than once that I may be an Indigo Adult. I am not sure that this is a good thing, though it would explain a lot about me. 

80. She turned her cant's into cans and her dreams into plans, and very well for her, but what about him? What did he do?

81. When you cry and it starts raining, it is because the earth is crying with you. Promise. 

82. Do y'all think it's incredibly fake that I keep sayin' 'y'all'? It matters what y'all think, ya know?

83. I want a dog, I want a dog, I want a dog. Have I said this before to you? :( 

84. If I had my way, I would live in Paris till I turn 30, in New York in my 30s, in Paris again in my 40s and in my father's house in the middle of his rubber plantation in my 50s. After that I'll live in heaven with Will Smith. 

85. Use your rock bottoms as a foundation and build your life from there. Really.

86. They should have hand sanitizer dispensers all around the world in every nook and cranny. Hand sanitizers will save the world one day, you'll see. Just you wait. 

Also, hand sanitizer is made of alcohol, right? Can I drink it? Just a burning (pun unintended) question.

87. When the phone rings and it is an unknown number, my first instinct is fear and my brain tells me not to answer because it could be someone calling to tell me that they know what I did last summer, and who wants to open that can of worms! Then, a sense of insatiable curiosity to know who the caller is surges over me. It could be someone calling me to tell me that I one the lottery. It could be Donald Trump calling to offer me a job in The Apprentice. It could be the Oprah, the Queen, the butcher, the baker or the candlestick maker, all of whom I want to talk to. And then I feel the fear again. And then the phone stops ringing. 

p.s. Do you think I can make this story into a movie?  

88. When I am 59 turning 60, I want to be able to say that I have slept under the stars a million nights. I have slept on a beach once, but I was pretty much sitting on a chair on the beach and sleeping because it was illegal to stay all night on that beach and I was trying to hide inside a beach shack. I know. Wild! 

89. I am a huge Lonely Planet fan. I hope that one day, when I get my own castle, I'll have all the LP books as well. I am well on track actually - I have 3. Only a gazillion left. 

90. I am most certainly a kleptophobiac. Much like Doc Greg House EmDee, who who's catchphrase is, 'Everybody lies', mine is 'Everybody steals'. I used to too. Might not seem very big but I used to compulsively steal cloth napkins (unused, of course), coasters and sometimes even cutlery from restaurants. Then I went to college and found myself a friend who compulsively stole EVERYTHING from me. Lo and behold, I was cured of my kleptomania and this promptly turned into kleptophobia. 

91. Chocolate eclairs is one of those perfect foods. It looks, smells, tastes, sounds and feels good while you eat it. Chocolate eclairs for king!

92. When bad things happen and I am in a particularly optimistic mood, I feel happy about it because it means that I have cleared out some more bad Karma. From the looks of  it though, I may have been Mussolini. Zuppa, anyone?

93. Something that irks me to no end is the fact that I don't know any bloggers in Bombay, which is where I live. I want to go for blogger conferences and have tea and crumpets with fellow bloggers while discussing the nitty gritties of Kate Spade designs. I want to have a bloggie buddy in real life.  This is a cry for help!

94. I would love to do all the adventure sports humanly possibly because I live for thrills and I love adrenaline kicks, but the only ones that I have done are white water rafting, paragliding, parasailing and getting married. Pretty tame for 27 years of existence.

95. I hate 26 year olds with a vengeance. It is nothing but petty jealously of their youth. They are so close, yet so far! 25 year olds are alright and I am totally  ok with 24 year olds

96. I cringe when people say "You're so lucky!", especially when there is a certain amount of resentment attached to it. I would prefer to call it grace, karma or hard work, rather than luck. Luck works irrespective of deservability. Luck implies nihilism. If nihilism is the order of the world, someone please give me a heads up.

97. Some day, I want to design a Tarot Pack based on The Bible. I am sure that many would think that this is the ultimate blasphemy, but I do mean well. 

98. I love clean kitchens and I hate dirty ones. That is why I don't go into my kitchen when it is dirty. Flawed logic? I know. 

99. If you have done it at 3:00 AM, it makes for a more interesting story than if you did the same thing at 11:00 AM. Live accordingly.

100. Do you realize that I could go on and on and on and on. On and on and on and on....  If you reached thus far, you deserve a bug and a kiss and a note that says 'I love you a bushel and a peck'. If you are anything like me, this would be the first (or second) point that you are reading. You're smart. The list was boring. And I love you just the same. 

101. I'm kidding....


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    1. Thank you! Your name is pretty! What does it mean?

  2. DL your sparkle is infectious and I may have snorted once or twice whilst reading this - particularly the bit where you wrote that if we'd 'reached thus far, we deserved a 'bug' and a kiss' - on purpose?

    Happy day!

    1. Yup. But I'm not sure if anyone would get that—my husband thought it was a typo too.

      And thank you! :)


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