Friday, November 15, 2013

And I ramble on for 18 pages ....

Alive & Well

Hey you guys :) Big hug to all of you! :) I'm still the same. But come January, I'm gonna start learning baking at a local hotel management college. So I'm super duper excited about that. And also, Le Cordon Bleu, here I come!

This biannual blog post is really strange, right? I don't really know where to start or end.

Also, you mustmustmust make chocolate truffles. All you gotta do is mix equal quantities of cream and chocolate (cream in ml and chocolate in grams), chill it, hand-roll it, dust it with cocoa, and eat. Here's a proper recipe. :) Here's another one. :) Too many smileys? Yup, I think.

One thing that I have made more than any other this year is Orangette's near-flourless chocolate cake. It is nearly impossible to go wrong with it. And it is decadent. Total crowd pleaser, this one.

I 'm still searching for the perfect chocolate cake, though. I know it's out there, because I ate it at Johnson's Lodge in Manali. Manali is one of the prettiest places I have ever been to in India. Other pretty places are Munnar and Kumarakom. Take me with you if you go?

p.s. Where have all the pictures on my site gone. The France and Belgium post right below is bald!

Bye bye until May. :)