Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On holding hands with Taye Diggs

You know how there are some things you know, but some times, when you're forced to look at it closely, you don't know whether it's right or not. Well, welcome to my life as an editor. It is a conundrum of confusing questions. 

Today, I had a simple sentence to edit. 

"You'd better hold hands with Taye Diggs," it said. 

And I was dumbstruck.

First I changed it to "You better hold hands with Taye Diggs, Liz!" Because obviously. Then I deleted the "Liz" part but remained happy. But my point is this. I am so used to saying "You better do this" and "I better do that," that I don't even realize the mistake in the sentence. 

Step two: I start wondering what the "'d" in the "you'd" stands for. I have an inkling that it is had, but I am not sure. I am questioning my education, my knowledge, my intuition, and my thinking at the point. 

Enter the Internet.This is what it says:

"We use “had better” plus the infinitive without “to”  to give advice. Although “had” is the past form of “have,” we use “had better” to give advice about the present or future."

I had forgotten!

"You had better hold hands with Taye Diggs." 

I know. 

I had better. 

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  1. You had better hold hands with Taye Diggs, Liz! He needs the comfort of your hand as he tries to navigate life.

    Also, I have a gnawing worry that my grammar on my blog makes you cringe.

    1. Are you kidding me!!!! What makes you think, firstly, that I know anything, and secondly, that I follow even the little I know? Have you seen the grammar on my blog? And the spelling.

      Plus youre awesome!!!!

      So there.

  2. Oh dear and the more you look at it the worse it gets!!!!!


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