Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Lush Bath and Body Works Shop to Cliniqually avoid Bed Head and other such nonsense

Since my post on my make-up rituals was so well received, I thought I would do a follow-up post on my entire "beauty" regime. So here's what you missed on Glee.

Oops. Wrong forum.

So here are the things I use.

1.TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Conditioner: I don't know if it foxifies my curls, but it does smell great! (Here's a message from my hairdresser: USE CONDITIONER!!!!!ALWAYS!!!!!)

2. Kerastase Specifique Shampoo: My other hairdresser made me buy this, promising me that in exchange for the money that I handed over to her (which was a lot), she would give me something that would halt my seemingly inevitable progress towards being bald. I'll tell you if it works in a few years.

3. Clinique Pore Minimizer: This is something that I should be using, but I never do. I am hoping that one day all my pores will just open up completely and join so that I end up with a thinner face. Does that make sense?

4. Avene Soap-free Gel Cleanser: This is awesome! I don't break out half as much now. (Break dance. Don't break out! Can you believe I said that? Me neither.)

5.Kumkumadi Thailam: Any glow that you saw on my face on my wedding day was because of this innocuous little thing. Well, this and the diamond facials that I did. But this is oil with saffron infused in it and it truly is excellent for your skin. It is also bloody expensive. So if you can get your hands on it, don't let go. Apply it on your face for half an hour and wash it off. If you ever come to Kerala (or to India) go to Kottackal Arya Vaidyasala and you'll get this stuff. Shhh. This is my biggest beauty secret.

6. The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter: How can you go wrong with something that is so named. I love all of their Body Butters. Strawberry and Cocoa Butter both make me go wild and I start eating up my own arm; so I stay away from them. Blueberry is safer. I wanna be embalmed in this stuff when I die. It is that good!

7. This is not what it seems.Inside this container is T'eo the dry deo from LUSH. I love this brand. They look good, so they make me look good. There I said it. T'eo's awesome though. Hands down.

8. Bath and Body Works Body Wash in Sweet Pea: I love this thing. Sweet Pea is such an amazing fragrance! I want everyone to call me sweet pea henceforth, understood.

9. The Body Shop Bath and Shower Gel in Almond: I am such a shower gel fiend that I have around twenty different kinds. This and the Coconut Cream one are my favorites from Body Shop. Sometimes, I mix them both up and go totally wild!

One last thing.

I use these bath gloves and they completely changed by life. They are like an extra pair of hands. I'll never use a loofah again, I think.


And.... I'm done. Now it's your turn to tell me your secrets. Spill. :)


  1. woah! how do u keep up with these extensive beauty rituals? I would have lost my mind trying to remember what to do....

  2. It's easy if you have a bath only twice a week. ;) Kidding. Maybe.


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