Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do, doing, done

You need to do these now. I need to do these now. The whole courtroom needs to do these now. 

1.To begin with, Chevron stripes have my heart. These prints, made with potatoes and paint, are the stuff awesome is made of.

You start with this...

And you end up with this...

Go to Strawberry Chic for more and more and more.

2. Molly Jacques has found what I am looking fora dream job, in her own words. Plus she is super pwetty. Plus she has red lipstick.{She basically has everything I want from life!}You go girl, MJ! ;)

And she does amazingly beautiful illustrations and calligraphy. 

There are a lot of things that she teaches you about on her gorgeous blog. This is one of them and it is stunning.

Is it chalk? Is it not? Who could tell!

Well, Molly will tell you that it is made in Photoshop and then she proceeds to teach you how to do it.

And it is easy as pie!

3. How crazy cute are these spoons and forks!

Imagine them hanging from your kitchen shelves. Imagine yourself ladling out French onion soup with them. Imagine throwing them up in the air and catching them. Imagine giving someone a massage with them. Ok, maybe it's time to stop imagining now, but you get my point: you can do anything with these spoons and forks.Or you can make them and give them to me. This is how you make them.

4. Yarn + Bottle + Glue =

5. Eggs are awesome to begin with. Painted eggs are even better. Look at these...

Now, painted eggs with messages inside them... that's what I want.

egg note
Taye Diggs, now's your time. What do you wanna say to me?

6. This is an infomercial; be warned!

"Can't find a mug that says what your heart wants to say? Or maybe your mind is as fickle the notes from a fiddle and it wants to say a new thing everyday. Look no further. I'm about to teach you how to do exactly that with the new and improved "Chalkboard Mug"! It's cute, it's pretty, it's pretty cute, it's smart, it's cheeky, and the coffee in it will make you do cartwheels. To make it, all you need is love and some paint. Amongst other things, that is. Remember, life's a cup. You gotta drink from it to the lees. Ciao!"

DIY chalkboard mug
Pinned Image 

7. And last and certainly the least, this is how you tie a bow (tying a bow is nothing compared to painting spoons or making chalkboard signs!!!).

How to tie a bow
And then you can peobably graduate to making these bows.


After you have mastered that, you can apply for the job currently occupied by Queen Elizabeth II.

Which of these are you gonna do today?


  1. What a great collection of crafts. I'm really happy that you liked my yarn wrapped bottles and wanted to share the idea with your readers. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  2. It is lovely. Just the way you have done it... its beautiful!


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