Friday, May 11, 2012

10 things that are making me flippin' happy

1. I won something!!! I actually won! There was an amazingly fun contest at Felicity's lovely blog Gifts of Serendipity as a part of which she asked everyone to list out their favourite words. Then she made word clouds out of them and we had to choose one of the lines and make sentences using the words on the line. This is one such cloud.
Isn't it ingenious?And aren't the words lovely? These some of people's favorite words. And this was my sentence: "She was walking through the 'gully,' 'naughty' thoughts swarming through her head, when she tripped on the bow that held up her 'kimono' and it all came undone." You are right, my name was picked from a hat!

But I won! Go have an apple crumble in my name. :)

2. My guest blogging stint at English Muse. The posts are hereherehere, and here.

3. The weekend is coming! Yaay! I plan to cook and eat and sleep and watch New Girl and cook and eat and sleep. I plan for it to be splendid!

4. My nails! They are long and well-shaped and perfectly fuchsia (Thom painted them for me!) and they totally make up for my badly shaven legs and undone eyebrows.

5.  The itsy bitsy boy who crossed the street in front of my car and gave me a salute of thanks as he walked by. What a gentlebaby!

6. My wedding ring. It is the simplest of gold bands with my loverboy's name etched onto its insides, but every time I look at it, my heart swells just a little. It is the symbol of the greatest show of devotion I could ever make and it is a source of immense strength. It is my cape and my sword, my elixir and my shield.

7. These jeans.They have grown on me like second skin and I love them! Zara makes me happy. I think I'll buy a plant and name it Zara.

8. A cuppa tea. It never, ever fails me. It always makes me feel happier, healthier, more rested, and more alive. Tea, like water, is perfection.

9. My family:1. They are always there for me. 2. They are the only people I can be absolutely myself with (at my screaming, shouting best) 3. They are generous and sweet and kind and cute.

10. The angels that surround me all day and all night. Today I asked for good music on the radio while driving back, and guess what I got? Baby got back, All the single ladies, Judas, and Papa don't preach. What more can a girl ask for? 


  1. I am thinking of making a similar list, and putting it on my bedroom door, so I get to count my blessings and be happy everytime I feel tired and worn out. I Love your post!

    1. That is so true! YOu know what... I wrote this post last night and I instantly delt better. And the first point happened today morning, so I added it later. But my day just became better. :) you should make a flippin' happy list.

  2. All those songs just got added to my smile playlist on Spotify. Excellent taste and luck.
    Congrats on the win.
    I could use a list like that today. Big off-day. Ah well, it'll blow over.

    1. Thanks Karen! Please make a list! :) It's an instant pick me up. Do you want to laugh at something? Wait. Let me find something for you!

  3. What a fabuously happy, upbeat post
    And congrats
    I'm having apple and rhubarb on you :-)

  4. Your entry was funny and quite naughty. It certainly put a smile on my face reading those sentences! I hope no one was watching when the kimono came undone. LOL! : ) Thanks for leaving your comments to my blog.

    1. No one say, thank God! She would not have been very happy if someone saw. :)

      Thank you for commenting.

  5. ZARA!! Oh yes yes!! Remember that green shorts you went for??!! and us running behind you through Zara and the entire Villagio Mall....Sigh! Memories!! :) :)
    Keep smiling dhi :P

    1. You were there when I bought the jeans. And I should have bought the green shorts!


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