Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am glad I discovered...

...that braiding your hair into 2 parts before you sleep may help reduce hair fall. It is always nice to have some hope regarding the rate of recession of my hairline.

...that my dizziness is because of anemia. I was convinced that I had cast a spell on myself with the name Dizzy Lizzie. Imagine this blog without a Dizzy Lizzie. Shudder! But anemia? I thought that half my weight was because of the excessive blood in my system. Are you telling me that I am mostly made of fat? All (ahem) kilograms of me? Shudder!

...this blog. It is de-lightful, de-licious, and de-lovely. to use the semicolon. I used to be terrified of them and hence never used them, and I know that there are many others like me. Now my writing is sprinkled liberally with them. I have been empowered! Want me to teach you too?

...typography. It's a whole new world. A new fantastic point of view.

...that I have a brother who might be so taciturn that he doesn't speak a word to me, but while driving me back from the airport, he plays me Spice Girls because once upon a time, when I was 12 and he was 8, Spice Girls was what I loved more than life. I am a lucky sister.

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  1. Only today did I look at the strands of hair swirling down the shower pipe and think - "What the?".
    I'll be trying the braiding strategy for sure.

    As for all the other fabulousness in today's post - scrummy - including the photo.

    Thank you for the mention, made me think of:

    'S wonderful ! 'S marvelous !
    (That) You should care for me !
    'S awful nice ! 'S paradise !
    'S what I love to see !

    Happy day!


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