Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blush! :)

So... I have good news, really good news, and really, really good news. 

Last night, I fell off the bed in a state of sleepy stupor. I knocked my phone off the bed and I followed suit, trying to catch it before it fell and dismantled into 4 pieces, like it has done a hundred times before. The good news is that in many ways, I am still a child. Yay!

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The really good news is that I now own these!

Yellow crocs are the stuff awesome is made of ! They are my sunshine on a clouded day (literally and metaphorically!) I wear them everywhere... to work, to play, to church, to dinner... It goes with EVERYTHING, did you know that? My life feels complete now! I always knew that footwear was the answer to the happiness and inner peace conundrum. I just didn't know that it would come in the form of yolk-yellow crocs. 

Now for the really, really good news, because of which I CANNOT stop smiling...

 From now on, till the end of time (or until Tina returns from work), I will be guest blogging at English Muse. You will see me there (cross your fingers) every Wednesday at 1800 hours, Pacific Standard Time. This is extremely special for me because English Muse, a life through the lens, and Georgianna Lane are the first bloggers that I started reading and loving and have been following earnestly since. The words that they have penned have had a significant bearing on my view of blogging and the kind of writer I hope to be one day.  

 Tina is amazing. She is, in her own words, a "writer and journalist with interests in literature, decor and design." And that is what she writes about in her lovely, lovely blog. So, go there if you want to read what I have to say about a very important issue, but more importantly, go there because English Muse is really one of the best written blogs there is.  

English Muse
image via English Muse
Have a good day, lovelies!


  1. Hooray for you and your very alive inner child!

    Hooray for anything sunshiney yellow that brings a click of the heels and a smile to your dial.

    Hooray for the lovely English Muse for it is your guest blogging there that has led me here.

    Hooray for happy days!

  2. Hello Ms Dizzy Lizzie. I'm so happy that you are a guest blogger on English Muse. It's one of my favorite blogs too. And I love the yellow crocs!! And guess what? Your comment on my blog made me happer than "baby bunnies eating frosted cupcakes sitting atop a cloud" so thank you thank you thank you!!!!! xoxo Luli

  3. Hey, I'm blushing now! Thank you for the mention, dear Lizzie. :) I'm honored to be among your influences.

    I've just visited your guest post and loved it!! Congratulations on a wonderful debut. Writing is definitely for you.


  4. I am wildly excited for you for receiving this much deserved honor!!


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