Sunday, April 29, 2012

8 before 28

So, I wanted to do a quick update on my 28 before 28 list which WILL expire on the 17th of August where I like it or not. And I was mortified when I read it, because these are all the things that I have completed. This is it!

4. Save!
I have Rs. 2000 ($50) in my bank account now. Yaaay!!!!! {Pleased with self!}

8. Get a job 
Done, done, and done. Now I can quit! ;) Kidding! Work boss, if you are reading this, I am simply jesting. I love my job and the people in it! :*

9. Make some kind of headway in anger management
Done. In a big way. I am much, much, much calmer. Except with my mother. I'll get there! :D
13. Get a lot, lot, lot better at photography and Photoshop. Take at least one photography class somewhere.

I have definitely achieved this with my awesome, awesome photography class. It's just that I haven't taken any pictures after that. 

19. Meet somebody I can say this to. "You had me at you're."
My office is chock-full of people like this.

26. Be nicer to the people I like and simultaneously, reduce interaction with the people I don't like, especially badly behaved, rude, arrogant people who are also dumb.
I am happy to report that I have absolutely done this. It is amazing how much energy we put into unproductive things and people. Reducing this kind of interaction is most cathartic.

27. Bring back to life the big toe on my left foot that has been dead since the day I got married. Dead, you hear me? As dead as a dodo that's been hit in the head by Frodo on his way to Mordor. Dead!
My toe is as alive as the hills from The Sound of Music.

28. Try and be true to myself in this silly little world.
Ha ha. This was never a challenge anyways, but it is always something that needs to be mindfully done.

8 down, 20 to go.



  1. Well done - that's an awesome achievement :)

  2. i think that 8 out of 20 is quite the accomplishment!


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