Sunday, March 18, 2012


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How can anyone say that there is no God? Who told the babe to start praying then? Answer me that!

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This one's for me.I don't even know what spoons and forks to eat with, much less how to set them. But this is something every girl should know. So I say, learn how to do all this and then call me for dinner. I'll bring the wine. 


Martha Stewart comes up with the most ingenious stuff. Check out these stamped book  edges. What a sweet idea. I want mine to say "She walks in beauty." 'Coz that's what I walk in.

 This is absolutely adorable. I want an ella cake too. ella the elehphant. ella the ellie?

Naomi, the girl who made this cake, is so absolutely talented! You have to check out her blog!

deconstructed strawberry smoothies 
What can this man not do? He cooks, he draws, and he blogs! Chef Daniel Brooks says that for the last two years, he has cooked a 3-course meal almost every night.Actually that sounds just like me! I am a blogger by day and a cooker of 3-course meals by night. Booya!

The greatest rejection letter of all time.

I would write a thousand times over if it meant that I would get rejected in this manner.


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