Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A few words...

Dear Qwerty,

You are the ugliest word in the world.

Ha ha,


Dear Matt Logelin,

I think of you. A lot. I pray for you. A lot.

Blessed be,

Another Liz

Dear Dr. House,

I miss your sweet lovin'!

Has anyone ever said that to you?

Forever yours,


Dear mother,

No, I will not get a chauffeur to drive me to work. I'll have to pay him/her more than I earn!

Tired of telling that I'm not a child anymore,


Dear Traffic Light at a major junction that is stuck at red,

You gave me my first lessons on running a red light and now I am a pro. It's such a useful skill!

Eternally indebted to you,


Dear Lisbeth Salander,

We are one and the same, didn't you know?


The girl without a dragon tattoo

Dear Thommy,

United we stand, divided we stand.

Your favourite among your many wives,


Dear Desperate Housewives,

I shudder to think of a life without you.

Scared and hiding under the blanket,

A Desperate Housewife

Dear Music,

You're alright, but I like the sound of silence better.

Don't leave me though; I need ya!

Sinign' in the rain,

Eliza Doolittle

Dear Time,

Why hath thou forsaken me?

Why must thou play hard to get?

Why is it that I always have too much of thou or too little.

Missing you muchly,

The lost little girl

Dear baby brother,

When did you get so big!

Sob sob.

Your second mommy,

The big sister

Dear Paperback,

I hate Kindle too; I'm with you on this. You'll always be my first love.

Still living in Blyton's world,

Elizabeth Bennet

Dear God,

I have been good all day and I have not sinned. Now I need to get out of bed. Be good to me.



Dear earthly father,


Foo foo fee fee,

The Daughter

Dear you,

Thank you for reading this.


From the bottom of my being.

Thank you.


Dizzy Lizzie


  1. aww... cute post! time is the most valuable thing in my life too... and the least available as well.

    1. YOU are sooo right! And you have a child too! Hero you are!

  2. Dear Dizzy Lizzie,
    So happy you are still finding some time to post!
    A fan :)

  3. eek! Love this! Of course, I do! ;)
    Got some planned for tomorrow baby!


  4. I loved this! Why can't I write like you? :p
    Dhi you are so awesome! I dont want to read any other blog than yours! :D

    1. Kutty!!! dont say that. you are such an awesome writer that i am honoured and shocked that you would feel this way. you should really really really write....


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