Monday, March 5, 2012

Ebony and Ivory

5 things I like about my job

1. I have an income; it is barely an income, but it is an income nonetheless. The money is coming. It will come. 

2. I am learning; I am learning a great deal. Everyday, I learn at least 20 things that I didn't know before. This is one of the greatest blessings in life, if you ask me. I'll teach you something too. 

oxford comma
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You need to use the Oxford comma! Ironically, this is a necessity in American English and a recommendation in British English. No harm in using it, though!

3. I know that the skill that I am learning now will be of immeasurable use to me in whatever I do. I am learning how to write grammatically and stylistically correct English. I can't think of a more useful thing to learn at this point. 

4. I do {though only occassionally}like the fact that I dress up and go to work. Feels nice to wake up and put on some make up.

5. I fulfilled one thing on my 28 before 28 list, i.e., to meet someone who speaks perfect English. I have met a score of them. This counts!


5 things I dislike about my job

1. Not far from the madding crowd: The distance of 12 kilometres takes me approximately 2 hours to cover in the evening by public transportation, thanks to the traffic. 


2. The average age of my colleagues is 21.Or maybe 22. They don't make 22 year olds like they used to, that's for sure! And while I do concur that the best way to stay young at heart is to be with the young 'uns, the converse is also true. The best way to feel old beyond your years is to be with those who are 5 years younger!

3. I have no time for you!!!!!:( I used to live, eat, and breathe this blog. Every waking hour was consumed by thoughts of it. Now I go for days without even checking it (more like 3 days, but still... the heart wants what the heart wants!). And even sadder is the fact that I don't read any of your blogs anymore. :( I used to wonder why awesome, awesome, awesome bloggers like Megs and Sarah don't blog every other day. Now I know. Welcome me into your world!

4. I can't get a dog now! Waaah! The greatest tragedy of my life!!!

5. No more midday siestas and twilight baking sprees! No more TV in my jammies! No more sleeping in! 

Can I tell you a fantasy? I am secretly hoping that my bosses will find this blog, read some of the blasphemous things that I write about them (which I will, very, very soon), and fire me. Then I will become the underdog, and also the hero of the blog world because I stayed true to my blog, and I will become the next Erin Brokovich.Or something like that. 

Need. Sleep. Now. 



  1. I love the Oxford comma more than life itself. Old school Americans do NOT use the Oxford comma and it makes me completely insane.

    1. I am on the fence about it. Sometimes I feel like rebelling and using it. Sometimes I feel like rebelling and not using it.

  2. I'm not an Oxford comma user, even though my husband and business partner is English. I've never had a problem with it, although I'm a sticker for all other grammar. :) Well done on finishing your first week. Keep going! xo (but that commute is atrocious!!!!)

  3. its a tough world! And we need to make tough decisions! never ever heard of the oxford comma till now :)

  4. I am sad to hear about the fact you cannot get a dog. And I am very sad that you don't get enough time for blogworld! Will look forward to seeing you in blogland when you have time!

  5. Have I ever told you how awesome you are and how incredibly you have managed to inspire me to make a blog for myself (though its clearly one big stupid blog)???!!
    I haven't?
    well then here goes..."Dhi, you are one mind blowing person I have ever met and your blog is just sooooooo subtle and cool and pretty!!"
    I love to say youre my sister :) oh and I am proud too ;)

  6. youre my only sister!!!! that means a lot you know:)

    hope you're doing great!


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