Sunday, February 19, 2012

Up-cycling Girl

There are some people whose work makes you sigh and leaves you with stars in your eyes. They are the ones who make you dream of a better you, who inspire you to sing a better tune and who remind you that it could be you doing something extraordinary with your life this time around.

Look at this. This is the work of Esther Coombs.

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More tea, perhaps?

The London Skyline on a vintage plate!

Esther Coombs, London Skyline, Upcycle, Tea cup and Saucer, Vintage, Ceramics

A stunning cake stand!

These are seed markers for your garden. I would consider settling in the country side if I had things like these in my garden!

etsy find: esther coombs

A housing block tea pot.  

Esther Coombs, Housing Block, Tea Pot, Upcycled, Vintage, Ceramics

Loose Tea and Tea Mugs

British Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

You must check out her website and her Etsy shop. 

She says this of her work: "I began illustrating discarded ceramics about two years ago, and I have found people want objects in their home that, in addition to being beautiful, are useful and have a story. The cake stands are a particularly pretty way of giving a new lease on life to unwanted crockery. My range has now expanded to include up-cycled china seed markers, up-cycled printed tea towels and the newest addition to my work which I'm very excited about up-cycled cushions."


I might be off the rocker here, but people like her really make me feel like dreams are achievable and that I too can do really whimsical, flighty, fancy things that are not the outcome of the well trodden path... things that I will be proud of when I, lying on my death bed, look back at my life.

Have you ever seen someone's work and felt the same? Does it happen to you all the time or is it something that happens once in a while. {FYI, this happens to me all the time... way too often. I guess I really want to do something epic and leave a legacy of some sort.}

I would love to know what you think. 


  1. Oh they are just gorgeous. I don't even like tea and the first one in particular made me want to buy it. I am sure it would look pretty sitting on my shelf!

  2. The first and the last ones are my favourite...They are so pretty!


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