Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tips, thoughts, terrors and thank yous

A question: Who changed my website address? Mine says .in instead of .com.

A fear: What if I die an accidental death but my family thinks that I have killed myself and feel absolutely betrayed, bitter and resentful of me?

A fact: When the skies are cloudless and a vibrant blue, we say that the sky is clear. But blueness is caused by the scattering of blue light due to the presence of gas and dust particles. Therefore, a clear sky painted in azure blue, would in actuality and technicality, be the most unclear.

A tip: Even a pinch of turmeric in your daily diet can go a long way in protecting your body. Drink it with warm water and ginger juice on waking or with a glass of warm milk before sleeping. Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, detoxifying and healing properties properties that will stave off many of your health issues. I couldn't tell you this enough.

A dream: That I get to live in France for a considerable amount of time. But the thing about dreams is that they are like shadows that grow in the dead of the night. They creep up behind you and haunt you in ways unbeknownst to you simply because your dream has remained but a dream. Maybe it's easier to change your dreams. Maybe it's better not to dream.

A confession: I have been working on my new page, 100 things, for way too long. I find it difficult to talk about myself because it is a constant fear for me that I will bore people.

A wish: Right now, I wish that I had lots of money so that I could leave everything behind and just travel. Money can't buy happiness - that's the truth. Money can't buy peace or satisfaction or joy or health or sanity. But money is an enabler. It makes your path through this world a lot more palatable. And in any case, it's not as if poverty is gonna give you peace or joy or satisfaction or health. So the argument that money cannot buy happiness is a little pointless if you ask me.

A thought: One thing that's been on my mind with regards to this blog is that I barely write any more. I reblog and I write lists and I reblog some more with a commentary on it, but if you look at my blog, I used to write a lot more at the inception of this blog, and the amount of writing has consistently been dwindling.

I don't know if you will agree with me, but writing is hard. And honest to goodness writing  requires you to bare a part of your soul and put it out there in the cold and the rain for it to be judged by all and sundry. Writing is bloody damn hard.

When I started this blog, I used to make myself write. I wanted a blog and I wanted people to read it. It was difficult but I knew that it was something that I had to do and so I did it. But now, I have lulled into some sort of complacency afforded by the fact that even if I take it a bit easy, some of you guys will still come back. I know that you guys will accept me no matter what I do or don't do; because you guys are so awesome and because you tell me how awesome I am even when I have done nothing to deserve the title. Maybe this makes me not have to bare my soul every time, but also, this is exactly the reason why I should have the courage to. So thanks a ton for the love and the hugs and the kisses and the adulation - they mean the world to me.




  1. I wish I had a lot of money, without having to work! haha
    that would be awesome! To be rich, and having time to relax and do whatever you want. :)

  2. yep writing is hard work indeed... but u are doing a great job! keep it up! though raw turmeric gives me nausea! no idea why!

    1. Thanks Sarah.:)

      What about Tulsi? I love these panacea herbs and spices....

      And neem. And ginger and garlic. Our food is awesome!

      And cumin!

      I am gonna do a post on medicinal foods soon!

  3. I had been puzzling over your new website address too. Stranger than fiction.

    The wonderous properties of tumeric. Who knew?

    You write so beautifully. Please keep it up. I so so so look forward to your blog updates.


    1. Oh my God! Thank you Skye! That is unbelievably sweet of you to say. :) You made my day. :)

  4. Interesting tid bit about the tumeric. Noted!

  5. I love that tip about tumeric. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Blogging does not have to be writing all the time. Your lists can tell a story too. x

  7. I am having the same struggle right now on my blog. I feel like I've lost my direction, that is if I ever had one, which might be my problem to begin with. I wanted to get back into writing on my blog and it all started so well and then I lose myself again. There you have it. You are not alone.

    1. Yup. That's exactly what I'm talking about....


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