Saturday, February 25, 2012

This is Rad(ish)!

Don't let lovin' feelings that you expressed on Valentine's Day for your lover, your mommy, your sibling, your daddy or your doggy go with the wind like my resolutions, two weeks after New Year. Send them a Sugarboo Card.


These stacking rings combine techniques of Macrame and silver jewellery making. 

Back to roots stacking rings
Find the ring here.

Now I studied how to do Macrame while I was living in Dharamsala and learning yoga. But the technique is complicated and if you don't follow up the learning with oodles of consistent practice, you will forget it as quickly as you learnt it. {Life Learning # 57262891}

Check out Lunatic Art's Etsy shop for lotsa silver and bits of macrame.

Never have I wanted to colour my hair, as much as I did when I saw this.

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'Gasp!' would be an appropriate response. 

If there is anything you gotta make, it's this!

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Home made Snickers: they are all that we need besides world peace and faster Internet.

The prettiest Little Black Dress.

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I wonder when I'm gonna fit into one of these! The feeding frenzy that the Snickers picture sent me on is not going to help.

That is why I'm going to ask God for this. Here goes.

Dear God, 

Can I get one of these? 

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That would  be all.

Good night and good luck.

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