Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Love Letter

Aww 2011... I miss your sweet touch. 

You were good to many of us. 

You were good to me for the most part. 

And one thing I'll always remember about you is this: Groovin' Hindi film songs, all of which are present in this mashup. 

Kudos on the great job and thank you for listening. 


The song - dance aficionado. 


  1. You're not going to remember it for getting married? ;)

    1. He he. A little bit.Yeah. :) But aren't these songs awesome?

  2. My tag responses are up, be sure to tell me what you think. I also placed a link to your blog so some of my friends could visit you sweetie. Checking out your video now.
    Luv Lisa x

    1. Well, I love your answers but I am kinda obsessing about the second hand book store cafe thing!!!! I wanna scream!


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