Sunday, January 15, 2012

In other news

Recently, when my father had a bad case of flu and wouldn't stop coughing, I told him  he could drink a tablespoon of Benadryl (which, by the way, is a miracle of science, if you ask me!) and then go to sleep. 

The next, he told me that his nightcap (or should I say nightcups?) of rum, together with a couple of tablespoons of Benadryl had created such a potent concoction that he slept through the night without waking up even once, something that he hadn't done in a long time. Then he thanked me profusely for my advice and told me that I had solved a lot of his problems and that he could now do this whenever he needed to sleep (which is pretty much every day!). 

Is it crazy that that was the proudest moment I had had about myself in a long time? I had imparted some wisdom and knowledge about a way of life to someone!

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