Monday, January 9, 2012

I am in love...

... with 24 hour long train journeys through rolling plains, pitch black tunnels and over frothy waters. I love that all you can do in this time is sleep, eat, read, irritate your travel partner who may or may not have been trying to sleep for 20 of those 24 hours, and read some more. I love the rocking motion of trains - it makes me feel like I'm back in a cradle. I am in love with 24 hour long train journeys.

... with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I saw it again after 10 years and the plot is engaging and the characters are absolutely rivetting. I am so going to start speaking like Smeagol! We loves Smeagol! Smeagol's tricksied us into loving him! My Smeagol! I'll stop now!

... with Malcom Gladwell. In his book 'What the dog saw', there is a chapter on Late Bloomers that totally spoke to my soul. It says that while some people's genius is seen by the world at the outset, others take years to hone their art, and they peak at a much later age. He gives me hope because if he is not right, I will be pretty much a big non-winner (failure?) even in my own eyes. You can read the article here.

... with dogs. I love how they are everything a man should be - unconditionally loving, forgiving, expressive of affection and gratitude, fun, energetic and mischievous. I spent half a day with my 3 dogs, Sasha, Maximus and Judylicious, and I feel like I am still stuck in those moments and I can't get out of it. I miss their doggie breath and their sweet touch. I miss dogs. Buy me one?

... with Anna Karenina. It is so easy to read, replete with wonderful, soulful lines and it makes me look so good as I carry it around. I love being judged by the books I read! 

... with this blog. It is my safe place and my solace and I will be forever thankful that I have it and that it's all mine. 

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From the fabulous Etsy shop of Erika Rae Heins

The view from the train

Thomas holding court with Maximus, Judylicious and Sasha 


  1. OOh , I love the The Lord of the Rings as well dogs and long train rides as well as long walks on the beach, warm lentil soup and Jane Austen movies. I could go on but I won't. Luv to you.

    Lisa x

  2. I love all of the above too!How do you make lentil soup though? Help! I'm kinda a distressed housewife now!


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