Friday, January 20, 2012

10 things that I need to learn from my boyfriend

1. He brushes his teeth for around 3 minutes everyday while I brush for 10 seconds and have 10 cavities every 4 months (not exaggerating!). Really, really need to work on this!

2. He plays the guitar; I play with my hair. We've promised to teach each other the other's skills though, so it's  cool.

3. He can eat fish without gagging due to the odour! This is one of the ten absolute must have superpowers if you ask me.

4. He comes up with very innovative names for me. Last week, he {kinda} turned around Bubblegum and started calling me Gigglebum. The best I can come up with is Hottie. {And Potty.}

5. He can burp at will! (On  second thought, I am pretty sure that this is a gender thing, one that I will never be able to accomplish. But what a weapon against enemies!)

6. He eats pretty much anything I cook for him. I, on the other hand, throw the food I make on myself at times 'coz it is so bad! The ability to eat bad food is sadly a skill that evades me, and it is one that I need to develop if I need to live with myself for the next 80 years! Otherwise, I might just kill myself, and it is not gonna be suicide. It's gonna be murder!

7. He is the most chilled out person I know. He is a-ok with everything. EVERYTHING. While sometimes, this bugs the bejeesus outta me because he comes across as like he doesn't care, I gotta appreciate the fact that of the gazillion fights that we have had, he probably started 5 of them. Of course, all the fights are because of him, because I am always right (you better believe it!), but he didn't start any of them. That counts for something.

8. He can drive without hitting things / people / puppies. Let's just say that I on the other hand, can't. Watch out, yo!

9. He can read maps. He can read maps like a pro! Spatial abilities evade me and I am envious, bitter and resentful of this.

10. He wakes up at 7:00 AM, goes to work at 8, comes back sometimes at 11:30 at night and still doesn't go to sleep without reading from his fatter than a tree trunk Statistics book because he wants to learn. I cannot even tell you how much I admire that about him. If anyone deserves an extra 24 hours each day, it is him. This is how I know that he is gonna make it really big someday.and that is how I'm gonna get me my first Louboutins.

A note to Thom: This is my Happy Valentine's Day gift to you. Now you have about a month to think of something spectacular to gimme! :)


  1. Aww, you're so cute together! So glad you have such an awesome "boyfriend". xo

  2. So so so adorable. Although, I absolutely agree - would be even cuter in Louboutins... :)

  3. This is such a sweet post - I love that you appreciate the BF. Why are men always so much more relaxed?

  4. isnt he ur husband now? and such a good idea to note down his good points before you complete many years of marriage... I shoulda done it seven yrs back.. now its so difficult to see the good things... :P

    1. husband? what are you talking about! And you are so right! I kinda changed my mind about all this over the weekend coz he tickled the life outta me and I kinda stopped breathing and he thought it was very funny and i started crying! i am slowly getting over the trauma of the event but yeah. you MUST write it down when you feel it!

  5. ചക്കിക്കൊത്ത ചങ്കരന്‍ ;)

    lovely....May God bless you both so much :)


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