Monday, December 5, 2011

5 things

Scream if you are laughing now, imagining this episode of Friends. 

Scream if you are laughing harder thinking of other things that Joey has said. 
{"Grandma's Chicken Salad!!!"}

Stairway to Heaven - Tian Men Shan, China 

Grand Central Station, New York.
This is a sight we'll never see because the tall building surrounding it stops the light from streaming in like this. 

Small mirror tiles glued on to fishing lines and twinkle lights. 

Because my dog Nicola and I used to look like this when we played dress up.

This is us in our regular clothes. You can see how clothes maketh a woman and her bitch.

p.s. All images can be found here.


  1. These pictures are beautiful. I want to go to The Stairway of Heaven someday. Looks divine :D


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