Friday, December 9, 2011

25 songs from my life, written in 25 days

At least, that's what it's supposed to be, but I am all about speed and efficiency and lemon sorbets, so this has been written in 25 minutes, not including the break I took in between to watch 'Something Borrowed' (which is a tad too slow, but nevertheles, cute and fun). So go through the list, sing along and dance like a maniac. Or don't. It's  really up to you. Just remember. Life is like a lemon sorbet. Eat it, or it will melt all over your desk and mess up the place. 
  1. A song from your childhood - The Spice Girls is the first band I fell in love with (and the love still continues!) So I'd have to choose Stop, because that was one of my absolute favourite songs of theirs. 
  2. A song that reminds you of your most recent ex - Don't have an ex. I am Paul Newman. 
  3. A song that reminds you of one / both of your parents - All Christmas songs, especially White Christmas
  4. A song that calms you down - Breathe by Anna Nalick
  5. A song that is often stuck in your head - Hello Goodbye by The Beatles. 
  6. A song that reminds you of your best friend - Lean on me by Bill Withers 
  7. A song that reminds you of a great summer - The theme song of Baywatch. I grew up on that stuff. 
  8. A song that reminds you of your first love - Maybe I'm amazed by Paul McCartney
  9. A song that makes you hopeful - Dream On by Aerosmith. Sing with me... Sing for the years... Sing for the laughter Sing for the tears... Sing with me... Just for today... Maybe tomorrow... The good Lord will take you away... If these words don't give you hope, I don't know what will. 
  10. A song by your favourite band - My favourite band is The Von Trapp family singers. I choose the song 'Cuckoo' for this prompt.  
  11. A song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie - My favourite movie is The Sound of Music. Another song from the sound of music is 'Edelweiss'. Christopher Plummer is so smokin' hot!
  12. The last song you heard - Steve Vai's rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It's the stuff awesome is made of. 
  13. A song that reminds you of a former friend - Cat's in the Cradle by Harry Chapin. Yikes! Don't want to think about her. But I miss her. No I don't. She was so fun! Shut up. Stop being a kitten. I mean chicken. 
  14. A song that reminds you of your current love interest - Let's call the whole thing  off from Shall we dance. Because he says to-may-toes and I say to-mah-toes. :)
  15. A song you love singing along to - Ha ha! Any song! I think I would have made a beyond fantastic singer if only I had a voice that didn't sound like an overused air horn. Anyways. I love singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. It is such a fun song because there is no chorus, so I don't get bored. You should hear me imitate the guitar solo with my astounding vocals. Thrills and kills, I tell you. Thrills and kills.
  16. A song that has made you cry - Slave for you by Britney Spears. Its such a brilliant song. I cannot hold it. I cannot control it. 
  17. A song that makes you want to dance - No song in the world would ever want to make me dance! I don't dance. Ya hear me?
  18. A song that you love but rarely listen to - All the songs in this list. I rarely listen to music. 
  19. A song that reminds you of yourself - I wanna be sedated by The Ramones. Because I wanna be sedated. 
  20. A guilty pleasure- Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. Whatta song!
  21. Your favorite song - Tango to Evora by Loreena McKennitt. If I could listen to only one song for the rest of my life, it would be this. Try closing your eyes and listening to it. 
  22. A song that someone has sung to you - My grandmother sang Humpty Dumpty to me a thousand times. I can still hear it in my head. Also, Let me be your Teddy Bear. Did you know that it was for me that Elvis sang this song?
  23. A song that you cannot stand to listen to - Imagine by John Lennon. Even though I totally agree with him on the 'Imagine there's no countries' and believe that boundaries of any sort just separate and divide and that we should all live as one, I can't listen to this song. Kill me if you must.  
  24. A song you have danced to with your best friend - Refer to 17.
  25. A song you could listen to all day without getting tired of - Any song, as long as I'm the one singing it. As I said before, I am a bundle of singing talent. 
Now I wanna tag Megs from Meg's Mind to this post. She does a Ten on Tuesday song list which is really cool. So maybe next Tuesday, she can do Twenty Five. :)


  1. So if I just delete the whole "cannot listen to Imagine" section of this post, this post makes me extraordinarily happy! Also, your love of the Von Trapps brings me a special sort of joy, since I also find Christopher Plummer to be all sizzling in that movie.

  2. Also 25 on Tuesday? I will see what I can do....

  3. Christopher Plummer in Sound of Music is MINE - keep your hands off!

  4. look happy to meet me....

    good choice...sound of music was my favorite classic of all times...I watched it on a cold evening with my hostel mates on a big screen set up on our school terrace when I was in my 3rd standard.....thanks for bringing back the rock :)


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