Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Surviving India - Vol. 3 - Chicken Soup (Song) for the Soul

Since all that every Indian seems to be talking about these days is this ridiculously catchy song called 'Why this kolaveri di?', I thought that I should join the bandwagon and post it here.

Please listen to it and rest assured that you are well on your path to addiction, and eventually, enlightenment, because I've been told that addiction always ends in enlightenment.

And for your information, kolaveri means 'murderous rage'. And if you're wondering, like I did, why he calls his song 'Soup Song', I can quell your curiosity with the explanation that my Tamil speaking (that's the language this song is in) lover boy gave me. You see, 'soup' is someone who is not 'super'. 'Super' is the superlative of 'soup' and curiously, also the opposite. So this non super, flop song is a soup song, awrite? Awrite.

Of course, he made that bull up, but I thought I should share it with you 'coz it cracked me up and made me snort out all of the soup I was drinking. 

No more soup for me for many reasons!!!

It is kinda poetic, I think, that I am posting this song right after my rant on bad grammar. This is bad Indian English at its best, just the way it is spoken, replete with spunk and verve. Go figure!!!


  1. haha... a post on Grammar and then this horrible song which has spoilt the name of Indian English pop songs... I find this song annoying... but yeah everyone seems to be humming it... the music is catchy..

  2. I don't like this song either. I just think its really insane how popular it is! Its all everyone talks about, esp on twitter and fb!

    Why on earth do ppl relate with it so much?

  3. I dont think its for the horrible lyrics of the song... i feel its the music... and the beats... any lyrics with this music will be catchy...


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