Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

Lazy + Sucker for the idiot box = You end up watching a television show that you hate (for instance, The Simpsons) just because you cannot be bothered to lift your fingers and change the channel.

Lazy + Irresponsible = The electricity connection to your house has been disconnected because you neither paid the bill nor the fine for non payment and you chose to ignore every communication sent to you regarding this. And no, this is not because you didn't have the money  for it.

Lazy + Slob = You stub your cigarettes on doormats, clothes lying on the floor, apple cores that you have eaten and left behind, empty coffee mugs, a ball of lint or anything else that is lying on / around your bed just because you can't be bothered to get up.

Lazy + Fool = The fire alarm doesnt cause you to run out because you know that even in the worst case scenario, you know that you've still got about 5 minutes of snooze time.

Lazy + Ingenious = You unfailingly set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier because you know you need to snooze it at least 3 times and ease into the process of waking up.

Lazy + Unabashed = Your new house has no curtains up because that would require you to climb up on top of a stool and put up the curtains in a neat manner.

Lazy + Hypochondriacal  = You end up staying in bed for 15 days because you have a debilitating back ache followed by a queer looking toe nail infection followed by a strange sort of malaise that could only be diagnosed by the likes of a certain misanthropic doctor whose name I will not utter because I talk about  him way too much, but I will say that his name rhymes with 'Mouse'.

Lazy + Loser = The pizza delivery guy knows your likes, wants, needs and your schedule.

Lazy + Practical = You don't believe in making beds because they will be 'unmade' again the same night when you sleep on it again. You also don't believe in closing cupboard doors because if you close them, they will need to be opened again. That's two actions wasted.

Lazy +  Coward - You take a leave of absence from your blog just 'coz you've been too lazy to take pictures for the thirty day photo challenge you embarked on and you don't want to admit to that. (Wink wink)

As much as this list might sound autobiographical, I  will have you know that only 8 of the above 10 are true. So, this is more a commentary on the nature of humanity, rather than a treatise on myself.

Nevertheless, I am sorry if you have been a recipient of my slothful behaviour and the next time you're in town, I promise to not be lazy and whip up a plate of fondants for your pleasure .

Have a great day. :)


Dizzy Lizzie 


  1. good to see you back in full form! Bring on the funnies!!! And this was hilarious too... we are all lazy at some point of our lives... Ever wonder why elders insist on married couples having kids soon after people get married (they are probably a little jealous) Kids keep us on our toes...

  2. You are so funny. And is it possible to talk about House too much? I think not!

  3. haha you are funny! :D :) Have a great sunday! XO

  4. Nicky: Thank you. You have a great sunday too...:)

    Megs: You are my kinda gal! Wanna go out on a date sometime?

    Sarappi: :) (I'm guessing that that's your nickname!)I am never ever falling for anything the elders tell me!!! :)

  5. I do believe I am Lazy+Sucker for the idiot box and also Lazy+Practical.
    I do all of those things on an almost daily basis!


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