Friday, October 7, 2011

Snippets from my Pho-reign Trip

In every journey I take, the one thing I constantly am searching for with respect to food and flavours, is that something extraordinary that broadens horizons and changes perceptions in a way that the world is never the same again. For instance, in Goa, that one thing was the Recheido Masala that fish, meat and vegetables are often grilled in. I had my first taste of it and I couldn't believe that I had lived all my life without having experienced this spectacular flavour. Goa for me, is now synonymous with this taste.

Tamil Nadu's flavour would be the filter coffee from Apoorva Sangeeta that is so heady that it almost tastes like it contains alcohol. It is the standard by which I measure coffee and nothing, ever, has lived upto it. Dharamsala spontaneously evokes in me memories of Ginger Lemon Honey Tea. I had this backpacker favourite for the first time during my first visit to this hilltop locale, and I now have it every time I see it on a menu. I also became such an avid drinker of black and green tea after my discovery of this. It changed my life in a very significant way, to say the least. Lucknow visitors must eat the Basket Chaats that you get there. It is beyond fabulous and I would happily trek all the way there just to get a bite of it.

I could tell you what that one flavour that changed my perception to food itself is, in every place I visited. 'Coz really. I don't stop eating until I find it. But what I really want to tell you is that for me, the flavour of Vietnam is the Pho that you get in every nook and corner of this majestic country, for every meal. Essentially, Pho is a Vietnamese Noodle Soup made with beef, chicken or vegetables. This is served with basil, lemon grass, coriander, bean sprouts, lime and chillies on the side. Healthy and chock-full of goodness!

If I was in any state of array with respect to my house right now, I would have cooked this for you. But my kitchen, also known as a jungle of Tupperware and stainless steel covering every surface, is adamant that it will not yield to being cooked in as of now. So you will just have to trust my word, find a recipe and make it for yourself. Here's a good place to start.

And as for me, I'm just gonna be happy looking at my boy wearing this T-shirt!

Go Pho!!!

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