Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day in numbers

08:00 - 6 Idlis + 8 tbsps coconut chutney - 6 x 60 + 8 x 70 - 920 calories
08:00 - 1 Banana - 130 calories
08:00 - 1 mug coffee with milk - 180 calories
10:00 - 1 supersized sliver of chocolate cake with a ganache frosting and filling - 400 calories
13:00 - 2 cups of cooked rice, dal, curry made with peas and potatoes - 350 + 150 + 300 - 800 calories
13:00 - 1 chocolate milkshake - 1000 calories
16:00 - 1 supersized sliver of chocolate cake with a ganache frosting and filling - 400 calories
16:00 - 1 PB & J Sandwich - 370
18:00 - 2 plates Pani Puri - 500 x 2 - 1000 calories
21:00 - Mixed Noodles with Kung Pao Mushrooms - 1000 calories
21:30 - 1 supersized sliver of chocolate cake with a ganache frosting and filling - 400 calories
22:00 - 1 mug of milk with Chocolate Horlicks in the suggested quantity of 3 heaped tsps - 300 calories

Total energy intake - 6900 calories.

Today was a good day. You know what an even better day is?

One that says:

23:00 - Box of  assorted Godiva chocolates - 2000 calories

But those only come along once in a while 'coz that's how life is.

And you know how I stay in the pink of good health?

I eat every 2 hours like all good nutritionists say, I drink at least 3 liters of sparkling water through the day and I get about 10 hours of consistent exercise while watching whole seasons of Glee / Desperate Housewives / Two and a Half Men / How I Met Your Mother / Dexter / Friends. Laughter truly is the best exercise and the best medicine!!!

Now what did your day add up to?


  1. gasp! I shouldnt be reading this post! Esp since I'm on a perennial quest to lose weight (at least 10 kgs). Btw, who is making all that food? At my house, you get served the same food for lunch and dinner and maybe even the next day's lunch and dinner if there are leftovers.

  2. I'll tell you. Breakfast and lunch at my in-laws, who are Tamilian, and they feed my like there is no tomorrow. The chocolate cake is in my house, coz I had ordered a whole kg for thom's birthday and he ate a piece! Dinner from outside and the pani puri is when I take a walk in the evening. I should kill myself I guess, rather than wait for the heart attack that will surely follow!

  3. lol Liz! Inspired by this post, I increased my morning idli intake... though I shouldn't have... I have religiously started exercising in the mornings since this week.. though just 25 min is all I have time for.. So i thought the extra exercise will compensate for the extra idli :) My MIL too likes it if i eat a lot of her home-cooked food.. though now I can't even thinking of wearing my wedding blouse ever again!

  4. He he. My wedding blouse will ALWAYS fit me I think! I cant imagine going much more uphill from here! Need to go downhill by around 12! Yikes.


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