Saturday, October 8, 2011

Career, calling, cake and chocolate

So as all of you are WELL aware by now, I have NO idea what I want to / am supposed to do in my life, even though I am interested in / passionate about / educated in a whole barrel of things. So yesterday, when my [cool and hot at the same time] friend, Ki, and her [pretty] boy, Rob, came over for a glass of wine and 2 cookies, they decided that what I needed to do in my life was bake chocolate cakes and sell them. [They haven't seen the volcanoes, fires, burns and craters that have resulted from / on my cakes. So they still remain slightly deluded about my skills, thanks to the ever present generous dousing of chocolate sauce on it.]

Thom, of course, being ever faithful and straight out convinced that HE has indeed discovered my calling , quipped in that while I would be good at anything [!!!], I should be writing for a living, 'coz apparently, that's what I'm best at! I, as usual, chose to ignore that and I told Ki that I would bake a couple of cakes for her as Madam X, so that she could them distribute at work and that we would take it from there.

So I was of course, searching for new recipes 'coz it is imperative that I make new cakes now, purely for R & D purposes, and that is when I came across Isa's blog, Schlitzohren, which is pure joy, I tell you! Pure joy! Beautiful people, beautiful photography, beautiful food. And she has a recipe in there for the World's Best Chocolate Cake. The words 'World's Best'... they are such a beacon of hope in this dreary world. They tell me that my quest is not over, and that there is more chocolate to be tasted and more butter to be devoured. Hope and chocolate cake. My raison d'etre!

Now Isa has made this cake with chocolate chunks, brown sugar and butter and the recipe reads so well that I want to go back in time and demand a baking oven as my dowry from my father. Too late for that now, but I am sooo making this cake as soon as I can!


Thank you so much for being here. You must know that I love reading your comments more than I love the idea of baby bunnies eating frosted cupcakes sitting atop a cloud. They make me happy when skies are blue, yellow, pink or grey. ♥