Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You know what really burst my bubble yesterday?

I live the heart of stark, raving mad Bombay city now, and weirdly so, there is a small stream right next to where I live. There are trees on the side of it and if you squint hard enough and plug your nose with a clothes pin, you can almost ignore the garbage near and in it. So any time the city's insanity would get to me, I'd look at this stream and it would remind me that there was a time when Bombay was a small city with happy people living normal lives, and that maybe one day, the madness of the city would be cured. My pretty little stream was my solace; my beacon of hope  for a better tomorrow.

Well, as it turns out, the "stream" is not a stream, but a gutter with festering garbage and dead bodies of animals - a veritable cesspool of infection and disease.

So much for my romantic notions about Bombay city!!!


  1. lol! relocate to Bangalore... plenty of lakes and streams here... though a clothes-pin will come in handy near some of them..

  2. Much like the Coovum river in Madras! Its funny coz rivers in Kerala are actually rivers!


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