Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Art of Marriage

There are many, many secrets to a successful marriage that are known to the ancients and the wise, some of which I have been privy to, over my one month of being married. One of them is definitely that a clean and neat house for your husband and you to come home to at the end of the day goes a long way in establishing marital peace and contentment.

One way of doing this is by throwing away the used clothes / vessels / machinery that you are too lazy to wash / clean and just buying replacements, rather than leaving them lying around for the gnomes to come and clear up. (Trust me, I have done both, and the latter really doesn't work!)

This singular act that is an unsullied expression of selflessness not only ensures that your home is a haven for the cold and the weary, but also encourages healing through retail therapy. Thus you are allowed to willfully explore the length and width of the paradisaical wilderness that is your marriage, free of bitterness, mistrust, fear and loathing. 


  1. next time im gonna follow ur advice :) I dont have to waste time cleaning up and also I'll lose some of my excess weight after all that physical exertion of shopping all the time! If only Indians follwed this, we wouldnt have to worry about heart attacks and quaker oats !

  2. btw, i like this font! its so much easier on my migraine-prone eye-sight :)

  3. He he !!!! Perfect thinking if you ask me!!!:)


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