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The one thing I have just not been able to do in the past one month is read all of my favourite blogs, which I have been doing for hours on end for the past year or so. I have barely posted 4 times in the past one month 'coz I just haven't been able to find the time and head space to do so. Therefore, I find myself incredibly lucky to have come across this post by Leslie from the sweet and sassy blog, Fresh out of Lemons, because she has actually tagged me in a blog recognition endeavour.

What this is about

To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long, but not forgotten, blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.


1. Blogger is nominated to take part;
2. Blogger publishes her/his seven links on her/his blog- one link for each category;
3. Blogger nominates five more bloggers to take part;
4. Those five bloggers publish their seven links and nominate another five bloggers;
5. So on and so on.

It feels a tad weird to have to be almost self laudatory, but the point is definitely an honourable one. So here  goes.

1. My most beautiful post. 

I am a sentimental girl and the first posts I think about when cued about my most beautiful posts are the ones where I talk about my grandmother, my brother and my dog. Words can't convey how much they mean to me. My grandmother and my dog are gone now and there is a part of my soul that will never stop grieving this loss. So my most beautiful post would have to be The smell of pink, which is about a childhood memory of my grandmother and her food.

I would also have to choose Happy Endings simply because of how deeply I felt about what I was writing and also the response it garnered from those who understood. Writing it in itself was a beautiful experience.

I know that that's two posts. Sorry. Couldn't resist. ;)

2. My most popular post.

Of my 284 posts, Eat cake and be married has the most number of page views. This was a post about my perfect wedding cake. The wedding is over now and there was a cake. But it was a tragic, horrific aspect of the wedding and I am not ready to talk about it yet. :-(

The post with the most number of comments is All's well that ends well, my first post after getting married. The response to that post made my day.

Both would be a determinant of popularity I guess.

3. My most controversial post.

I think that I am a very safe blogger and even 5 year olds could read my blog. But one post that has the possibility of being controversial and might lead  to me being labelled a hypocrite is Earthlings, where I talk about vegetarianism.This is because while I ideally would want to be one and I completely believe in the cause, I am not a vegetarian most of the time. So yeah. I hope PETA doesn't get its hands on this post.

4. My most helpful post. 

In August I posted Yay Bee See, which is an alphabetical listing of 26 of my favourite foods and one new blogger who has cooked with each one of these foods. I would call it helpful because it introduced new blogs to readers. Nothing feels as good as discovering a new blog!!!

5. A post that's success surprised me.

This would undoubtedly have to be There was. A girl. So tall and thin and fair. Until very recently, it was the post with the most number of views and I feel sorry for all the other posts because this one just has a picture of a pillar in Hampi, Karnataka.

Of course, the image obsessed world that we live in has a gazillion people searching for 'thin fair girl' and this post just got lucky. It is strange and wonderful at the same time.

6. A post I feel didn't get the attention it deserved.

As with every blogger, this would have to be EVERY post in the first few months of blogging that no one actually reads other than the people who you've informed about the blog. And in my case, it was just Thom. So if I had  to pick one I would have to choose His-tory and Her-esy, something I posted in my first few months of blogging.

7. The post of which I am the most proud

A lot of my earlier posts took me a lot of courage to post because I am the most inconfident person ever and I continued to be supremely shy and almost embarrassed about my posts. I still haven't told 95% of the people in my life that I have a blog simply 'coz I am not ready for people to read my writing and then have to deal with the judgement that ensues.

I started this is blog almost out of frustration over the fact that I was doing nothing productive with my life itself after having studies and worked for a bit. Thom pretty much coerced me into doing it,  but I don't know where I would have been now without it because this blog is such a valuable part of me now. So I would have to say that while it is quite stereotypical of a first blog post, it took me an insane amount of courage  to let it out into the world and I am extremely pleased with the fact that I did. So please read The Ensual.

1. Spoonful of Delight
2. Meg's Mind
3. London Bakes
4. Liz makes it
5. And my very first blog friend, Sartorial Diary

Carry on the good work! :)

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