Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glitz and glamour, love and light

It all started with a box full of makeup...

...and two hands full of mehendi.

Somewhere in between, I looked like this. 

This is my wedding saree...

This is my father talking to my grandfather about something while I played Peekaboo,still half clad.

Lillies, carnations, orchids and roses.

Happy Feet

And then I started crying. And I wept and  wept and  wept.

But then I became happy again.

Pretty bouquets for my pretty bridesmaids.

As you can see, I never stopped posing.

My father giving me away. He looked so forlorn that I actually told him to "Smile, at least for me..."

And of course, Thom wouldn't stop cracking jokes.

This was my face throughout the wedding. I was so relieved that the wedding had actually happened and the planning was actually over!

Thom pretending to keep the tradition of the coy Indian bride who will never look at her husband's face during the wedding ceremony. 

My beloved grandfather - the one who brought my brother and I up. 

I feel like a celebrity when I look at this picture! Oprah Winfrey, here I come!!!

"Who helped Jesus turn water into wine?" (or something such) was his question to us.

Of course I had not listened to a word he had said coz I was too busy posing. "Jesus", I replied... coz that's the obvious answer for all Christianity related questions. He repeated the question again, almost ignoring my answer. I was about to say "God", the next obvious answer to questions by priests, when Richard Thomas quipped in and said the right answer, which incidentally, was "servants". It is one of those moments that I am not that proud of. 

Signing the register.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

 Stars in my eyes.

With my darling - my baby brother.

My outfit for the reception.

With my Mommy.

All images have been captured by the amazingly fantastically fabulous Richa Kashelkar.

That's all, folks! :)


  1. I love them ALL!!!! Oh, darn, it's so late and I have to go to bed but I just saw this come in and had to take a peek. I'll write more tomorrow but you look BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!!!!! xo

  2. Oh you both look so happy! What beautiful pictures, they really show what a wonderful day it must have been.

  3. What fab photos! You look beautiful and you both look so happy :)

  4. wow! the pics are breath-taking... i feel like i attended the wedding in person!


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