Friday, August 5, 2011

The week that was

I want to tell you now that I had a mighty fancy week and here's why.

1. We finalized our church and reception venue decor, chose the wedding bands and a super fantabulous baker who is gonna bake me a cake that is actually a design by my idol - Ron Ben Israel, decided on the florist and on all the flower decorations and bought half of my wedding jewelry, the wedding shoes and most of Thom's outfit for the wedding day.

The Cake
2. I got engaged!

So the story goes like this. Thom has never proposed to me, ever! We kinda both decided to get married and then kinda decided not to get married for a while and then Thom's dad told us that we need to either get married or break up and get on with our lives. So we decided to get married again - crazy us! So anyways, in the middle of all this drama, Thom bought me an engagement ring that I helped pick out. And that was right before we decided not to get married and so he never ended up giving me the ring. And I have been asking for the ring ever since!

So last week when I was there with him in Bombay with my darling gal pal Suey, he showed her the ring, and when I asked for it yet again, he said that he would give it to me. Of course I wanted him to whisper sweet nothings in my ear and tell me how he'd rather have me than all the rubies in the world as he slid the ring into my finger. But what he actually said was this: "My God. This ring is not going in. You've become fat in the last year!"

Now this sounds horrible and mean and rude but it was actually really funny coz he being Mr. Inexpressive was getting so embarrassed with all this drama and it seemed like he felt compelled to say something just to feel less tense. But what a thing to say, huh?

I shouldn't worry about this "proposal" though, right?

3. Because wedding cakes in India are weird and garish and because no one really cares about them, it's next to impossible to find cake toppers. So my aunt in the 'First World' sent me one by post and this is how it looked when I got it.

Poor headless groom!

Now I've always heard that wedding topper is symbolic of the bride and groom. (That is why I have two cake toppers - one uber romantic one for the top and and other one of the guy feeding the girl cake for the side. It is imperative that Thom ensures a constant supply of cake for me. It is part of our pre-nup and our vows.)

I shouldn't worry about the beheading though, right?

4. My wedding ring has these pointed edges which are actually tips of the flower design on it and they have already injured me in four places on my ring finger. If the engagement ring symbolizes what your partner feels about you, what is the implication if mine cuts me like a knife?

I shouldn't worry about symbolism though, right?

5. I chopped off half of my right thumb when I was rifling though this bag.

Ironic, huh?

Now, how was your week?


  1. You make me laugh out loud! And, in my mind, I read your pieces with a lovely Indian accent. :)

    The cake topper beheading is hilarious! Can you order something from the States? Or I'd just go with the gorgeous flowers.

    Oh, and Thom's "put a ring on it line" is a far better story than any mushy gushy stuff anyways!

  2. He he. I not only have a lovely Inidan Accent, I also have an accent of the state I belong to, Kerala. You have to hear it to believe it!

    I did order it from the States. This is what happened on its way from Washington to India.

    Thom will love you Leslie!
    You're sweet!

  3. hahahah this post made me laugh so many times! the cake topper is hilarious!!

  4. ;) The cake topper now hides behind my teddybear. The groom pretends that the teddy's head is his!

  5. so funny! when most people will be heart-broken tht their fiance said such things to them while proposing, you are so sweet and looked at the lighter side of it.. it is this kind of attitude that is the cornerstone of a successful marriage.... the headless groom is so funny.. just paste a pic of Thom's head on it :)

  6. :) I've kinda gotten used to it after so long! Sometimes I laugh coz what Thom says is actually so offensive but I am so not offended and that amuses me a lot! It's a good combination I think. And also makes up a lot of stories for this blog!

  7. HAHA! This story made me laugh out loud too!!! How funny about the proposal! You have the most amazing sense of humor Liz! And you are such a great story teller! I love everything about your blog!!! I always leave smiling!

  8. :) Thank you so much Star. You have NO idea how much what you said means to me. Seriously.


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