Thursday, August 18, 2011


1. Kids get huge parties thrown in their honour when they turn one - an age when they don't give two hoots about what's going on as long as they have a plastic donkey to chew on, but 27 year olds rarely get treated so specially. And I'm, sure its worse for 54 year olds. So really. What is the reason that parties get thrown!

2. This was my first birthday in all of my life when I didn't have a cake. May be because karma's being a pain about the three cakes my grandma used to make me each birthday when she was alive. It's all fair that way, I guess.

3. The best presents may just be the ones you buy for yourself.

4. Murphy will intervene and make you inaccessible when your best friend from overseas call.

5. I didn't reply to anyone who wished me on facebook today because I didn't want anyone to think that I was a loser with nothing to do on her birthday but facebook. But how do you feel about me being comfortable enough with you thinking that I'm a loser?

6. Today is also a new year in most parts of India - a very auspicious day for certain people. The first thing I did today was kill a cockroach. I am going to have a very fruitful year. I can feel it.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Don't you feel it too?


  1. I just want you to know that my lack of birthday wishes for you should not be construed as a lack of stalkerish internet friend love, but rather an indication that I do not celebrate birthdays. My own or others. But congrats on the cockroach killing! Dead cockroach = good day.

  2. I'm telling you Meg. You're so much closer to Nirvana than I'll ever be! I wanna be you.


  3. what happened to the fonts in ur blog?.. the old ones were better.. these are triggerring a migraine... seriously is it the problem with your fonts or my eyesight?

  4. Didnt change anything! Can you tell me if you continue having this problem?


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