Friday, August 12, 2011


You know what makes the best tea? Boil loads of water with heaps of cinnamon, pellets of cardamom, spoonfuls of cloves and a smattering of crushed peppercorns. Take off the heat and add oodles of green tea and splashes of apple juice and a touch of lemon juice and let it seep for about 5 minutes (8 minutes if you want the most of your green tea, provided you can stand the bitter). Sieve, pour into a pretty glass tea cup and drink away.

For an improved experience, sing along your own rendition of Yesterday by The Beatles, adapting the lyrics as, 'Just tea-day! All my troubles seem so far away! Just today. Thanks tea-day.'

Gorgeous! How I wish I could sing for you as you drink your tea.


  1. Yum! That sounds delicious - I've never thought about making my own tea!

  2. You don't? Just get a tea bag and keep adding stuff to it. Cinnamon tastes awesome with fruit teas. Fruit juices are also great!


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