Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two on time

1. Who says that time travel is not possible?

I left Trivandrum at 5:00 AM on the 2nd of July on a 4 hour 20 minutes flight and reached Doha at 6:50 AM.

2. One thing I can't understand for the life of me is how doctors and diet gurus can say that you need to start the day early because that is when your metabolism is at its strongest.

So if I wake up at noon in India, it's still early morning in UK. How does my body know that I am in India and not in the Buckingham Palace plucking roses with those cute princesses with obnoxious hats / fascinators / headbands?

Here's my solution: Wake up anytime you want, because it is morning somewhere in the world at all times.

Good night.

(Or good day, if that's more appropriate.)


  1. haha... clever idea! though my metabolism is the weakest in the morning times in India - in fact if I eat a heavy breakfast, I'll just fall asleep again! Is it cos my body thinks I'm somewhere else in the world???

  2. yeah. your body is in the Buckingham with the fun!


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