Monday, July 11, 2011

To drink or not to drink... that is the question

I saw this and I thought to myself, "Oh my! What a strong and powerful message! This should be made part of the constitution. Maybe the sages had gotten it all wrong as usual and the root of all evil is actually alcohol, not money! Don't they know that money can buy happiness, not evil!"

And then I thought about Luxembourg which is the largest consumer of alcohol in the world and also the world's happiest country and my head became all muddled again. Can alcohol also buy happiness?

If there is one person who definitely doesn't need a nightcap or Irish in the coffee a whisky sour at tea, it's me. 


  1. is alcohol really so bad? However anything beyond the limit is bad...

  2. I think it's ruined more lives than it's saved. I think you're right. Anything beyond the limit is bad.

  3. It all comes down to the good ol' phrase "everything in moderation". I'm a huge alcohol fan, but not a fan of being drunk. So I don't get drunk and everybody wins, including my liver.

  4. haha alcohol is somewhat of a necessary evil!don't think i could do without it!
    love the new header btw!

  5. moderation! How i wish I could be more intimate with the concept of moderation.

    For me, its easier to not do something at all than to moderate it. I know! Very silly and childlike and counter productive.

    Sartorial Diary: Thank you. :)


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