Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Till death do us part

Thom fell violently ill today morning and in his own words 'felt like he was dying and wanted to speak to me' and called me up at around 11:30 AM, but of course, I was still sleeping because my wake up time is noon and I don't let anything get in the way of my beauty sleep. (If you see me, you'll know it's absolutely worth it and you'll start doing the same thing.) So I woke up, had a mug of hot chocolate and called him and this was how the conversation went.

"Liz, I am terribly ill."

"What happened?

"I have a really bad case of blah blah and I feel like I'm blah blahing."

"Oh no! Are you ok?"

(An aside: You need to record conversations and listen to them to realize how redundant they are. The greatest folly and frailty of humankind is probably our ability to speak.)

"I am ok. I thought I was dying and I wanted to speak to you!"

(Another aside: How can you be ok and also think you are dying?)

"You can't die now! I will kill you if you die on me now!"

(Yet another aside: I shudder with embarrassment when I think that I actually said this! )

"Oh you're sweet. I would actually rather die by your hands than die in your arms, Liz."

"But you won't have to die by my hands if you don't die in my arms, Thommy.... you know... coz I won't have to kill you if you don't die."

And can you believe that the conversation went on like this for another 2 minutes! (I am not making this up. This really happened.)

Now, if you are wondering why I posted this, it is only because when I thought about it, I was struck by how silly conversations are sometimes, and yet how unbelievably fun, and I am so absolutely amused by this phenomenon.

How are human beings this way?

We are all so puzzling and wondrous and ridiculously silly and amazingly foolish and irritatingly endearing all at this same time. And we are all as pointless as this blog post is, actually. Just thinking about this fact makes my heart flutter and my feet curl up. That is how silly human beings are. I think that's why they say that to be alive and cognizant is the greatest gift - because we are all so very cute, right? :)

And as a wedding gift, I am pretty sure that Thom is gonna give me this T Shirt.

Well, someone should, I guess. 'Coz I do like bordering on 'boundary-less', and it's nice to come with a warning. Makes me feel like I'm dangerous.


  1. cute wedding gift! And you folks didnt fall back asleep in between this conversation ? :) dont worry abt silly conversations.. Married couples tend to talk less and less to each other with each passing day ;)

  2. I honestly don't know which is worse, no conversation or our conversation today.:)

    And no, it was a highly engaging conversation while it lasted. It was only 3 seconds post it that the absurdity of it dawned on me.

  3. yeah. that's my point... we are all pointless and adorable! :)


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