Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Suggestiveness Defined

1. This is suggestiveness in a shot.

I could just post Katie's pictures in this post. Her pictures are the definition of great food photography. They almost seem to beckon and promise a culinary experience that is paralleled by none other. I stare at her pictures so much and so often that of late, I just need to think of her to get hungry - Ivan Pavlov called this phenomenon Classical Conditioning!

2. This is hands down what my ideal chocolate mousse / truffle tart should look like.

Heaven in a deep brown hue and a creamy, pudding-like, yielding texture, dusted with dark cocoa with a rich and crumbly crust. I love this image. And I can imagine every part of the sensory experience that would be eating this concoction. Divine and sinful all at the same time.

3. I am an 'I will follow you to Mordor' kinda fan of Linda of Call me Cupcakes

Did you know she sprinkles fairy dust on her creations after she cooks them? How else could every single one of her images look so good! Look at those macarons! Look at that Swiss meringue buttercream filling! My! How pretty and perfect!

5. This is Martha Stewart in a nutshell on a plate. Simple, classy, elegant and oh so good!

Oh how I wanna get my hands on you and make you move to my bidding, you dusky, wily triple chocolate mousse cake.

5. Here's another one from Katie's blog - a double chocolate raspberry pavlova

You've got me when you say 'double' or 'triple' anything. 

Now imagine the light pliancy of the meringue, the heavy and cloying sweetness of the cream, the tartness of the raspberries and the decadence of the chocolate all melding with each other to create the most delectable of tastes and textures. Are you in heaven yet?

6. Nigella Lawson + Chocolate + Lemon + Liqueur = Need I say more?

Could you look at this and not want to slather the Margarita Cream all over that Flourless Chocolate Lime Cake and eat the whole thing by yourself?

7. Few things look as tempting on a plate as a Tiramisu does.

It's layers of unctuous softness seem to beg you to 'pick it up'. Oh Tiramisu! You are my endless love!

8. If you can find one picture on Cannelle et Vanille that is not postcard perfect, I will give you my awesome cowboy boots and new boot polish to boot. 

I love her photography and her food and her kids and her white wooden table. It lets me believe that the only reason I dont take such great photos are because there are no dining tables in my house, wooden or otherwise. (I love trivia that perpetrates delusions even more than I love the photography on this website!)

9. This may just be the most beautiful shot of brownies that I have ever seen. 

If you ask me, brownies are like the essence of cake - they have all of the good things about cake in greater quantities - like the butter, sugar and cocoa. I could eat brownies everyday for the rest of my life and not get tired of them.

Now I don't know who took this picture because I found it on Pinterest and it was not properly credited, but it so totally looks like Katie's! What an artist she is! 

10. If you haven't eaten a Banoffee Pie, I can veritably tell you, my child, that you haven't lived.

Because Banoffee Pie is cracker crumb crust, butter, banana, dulce de leche and whipped cream - all singular reasons to keep on breathing. The moment that I first ate it was when I first experienced lust. It redefined my life and I haven't seen desserts in the same way since. And yes, I'm  trying to proselytize. If desserts were a religion, Banoffee Pie would be the Pope.

That's all folks!

And a word before departure: Be proud of who you are. Dare to not wipe the drool off your face.

And do you know what the definition of torture is? Doing this post while you're on Day 6 of the South Beach Diet. I would take 'the rack' any day, my child. The rack would be an easier instrument of torture!


  1. Before this post there was a chance, albeit slight, that I would eat something "normal" for breakfast. Cereal, fruit, etc. But now, I will be eating brownies for breakfast. Mmmmmmmm....brownies.

  2. This was torturous. But day-dream delicious. yummmm.

  3. Mmmm... Brownies! I have forgotten what brownies taste like! Its been 7 days!

  4. He he. Wake up and smell the mousse cake!

  5. 'I will follow you to Mordor' fan? Love it. Must use it in casual conversation with a total stranger within the next 24 hours.

  6. He he. Please do let me know what the results are!


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