Saturday, July 23, 2011

On Self Awareness

You know what the irony of self awareness is?

The journey towards self awareness can start only in an atmosphere of nurture, care, compassion and acceptance. The world around may have figured out every flaw in you and maybe pointing them out in equal measure in an effort to possible guide you to a state of self awareness, and possibly enlightenment, but the instinct that kicks in at this point is the need for self preservation and ensuring the maintenance of an intact ego. Self preservation is undoubtedly a greater need than self awareness from an evolutionary perspective. Therefore, all energies go towards proving that the accuser is wrong on every count and that is how self delusions kick in.

It takes multiple instance of unconditional acceptance and oodles of nurture for one to let go of these defenses and then the process of self awareness will happen naturally, much like breathing does. A natural and timely unfolding of this will be complete and honest, as opposed to one which is forced and contrived.

One cannot be forced into self awareness. But self awareness is a certain event that is a result of organic growth and time in a conducive environment. So let go and let it be and the other will understand all there is to understand and all that he is meant to understand.

A consciousness of this process is critical for there not to be a compulsion for accusations and guilt in relationships.


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