Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My daddy strongest

Today, my father had a car accident.

He was travelling on the main road and a guy came full throttle from the side road and banged into his car and then screeched to a halt. My father is fine, but the front part of his car is totalled.

Now my father says only one thing - that he is so grateful that I was not there, coz I might have gotten hurt. 

But there are two things that I find ironic. 

1. From the time Thom and I decided to get married and we told everyone, people have been telling us to pray for our and our family's protection because this is the time that one is most prone to accidents. Why is this? It's a superstition to put its simply. When there is good, there is evil. When people bless you, malediction lurks close. It's just a superstition. But I can hardly say that now considering that we just added one more to the statistic against it not being one. It's absolutely uncanny. All I can say is that it is huge weight to bear in a way - knowing that just because you're getting married, everyone else is at danger's hand! Crazy!

2. My father will have a huge added expense this August of repairing his car when he already has to get his daughter married. Poor George!

But all's well that ends well, I guess. He is absolutely unhurt, save his possibly frazzled nerves, which is truly all that matters, and I was shopping for clothes blissfully when this event occurred, so all was well with me too!

I am leaving to Bombay tomorrow and I'll meet Thom after ages. AGES! He better tell me how gorgeous I look and how much prettier I've gotten. Every time I meet him after a long period he says, "Oh my god Liz, you look just the same!!!" And he thinks it's a compliment of course! Men - Can't live with them, can't live without them!

But all I can say now is this: Please pray for Thom and me and for all our family and friends (that includes you guys :)) that we all remain in one piece until 11:59 PM of August 31st 2011. It's kinda an important day. ;)



  1. Oh my gosh I've never heard of that superstition! I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts! :) What an exciting time for you though. Hopefully Thom (and all the other men in the world) are reading this and get the hint of what us girls like to hear :)

  2. Oh and I am so sorry for your dad about the accident! Glad to hear he is okay though!

  3. It's such a prevalent superstition in India it's crazy - Even my super Christian and hence super non superstitious aunts kept saying
    Please take care - wedding time is when you are prone to a lot of accidents.' What's really weird is that this is my dad's first car accident!

    And thank you! :)

  4. Ah, I'm prone to being superstitious; this may add a new one to my head! Actually, I may be able to combat the idea with my belief in karma. What I put out, I get back-- kind of the opposite of believing that good and back luck go hand and hand.

    Ok, I feel better. And wishing you a safe and happy August!

  5. I'm glad your Dad wasn't hurt. Have a safe journey to Bombay.

  6. sorry to hear abt the accident... and good to know that ur dad is safe and sound... will keep u folks in prayer...

  7. Wow, its so lucky your dad wasn't hurt! I have never heard of that superstition but I'm so glad your dad is ok!

  8. Glad your dad is okay!! Hope everyone is protected until the wedding and beyond.

  9. Oh my, much prayer cover sent your way. I'm very glad your Dad's accident wasn't any worst. Luv Lisa x

  10. Thank you so much you guys! So far so good. :) Everything went perfectly well last week. So I guess the prayers worked. :) So thank you.


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