Sunday, July 3, 2011

Missing the mess

A note: This post is dedicated to my room that rests peacefully 3306.29 km away in sunny, sultry Trivandrum. 
I love you just the way you are, room! 

I am still stumped as to why I feel this compulsion to confess all my dirty secrets here. Oh trust me I do feel compelled. It's just that I stop myself in most cases before I become a public embarrassment to my family name and to myself. (I really do have a family name. It is 'Barren Soil'. Ask anybody, they'll confirm this.)

For instance, I want to talk about all the weird traits that I have - like how the tooth that I got extracted 3 weeks ago had 3 roots instead of 2, which made the doctor say that it was the strangest tooth he ever saw. My mother saw it later and sweetly commented and I seem to have 'dog teeth'. (What a blessing she is in my life!)

But I am not talking about this, am I?

But I had to post this pic here.

This is my room on an average day - not a good day, but not a bad day either.

The multiple suitcases are there because I seem to be going on my next trip before I get a chance to unwind and unpack after my return from an earlier trip.

Suitcases are a significant feature in my life. They define me. (Or maybe Benadryl cough syrup defines me. I am not sure. Ask me again later if you need to know.)

This is what I hoped my room would look like before I moved in.


Yes, the rainbow room replete with the little pug on the cream sofa.

The opposite wall would be like this.

Via MizzTissa - a shoe lover's paradise - my paradise! 
Christina Aguilera says, “Everything on my shoe wall is grouped by designer—Louboutin, McQueen, YSL—all in their own little family.” I had the same hope for all my Louboutins, McQueens and YSLs. But now they all live together in my shoe drawer as if from one family. (I know! 'God forbid!')

But now that I have come to terms with reality and have decided to accept myself for my 'disorderliness', I have decided to remedy the situation by taking the following steps.

These posters will grace the walls of my room, covering all the paint spots, the ink spots, the face and hair mask spots and the dirty feet spots.

And later when I have my own house, with kids to boot, this is what the sign on the front door will say.

p.s. All images via Pinterest


  1. ur room reminds me of what my house looks like when my house-help (maid) is on vacation :)

  2. You should just stick the last poster up. It will make you seem like such a good mom- willing to let your house be messy just to let your child create memories. ;)


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