Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Lesson in Creative Communication

This video is the bomb!  

I found it over at Elizabeth's blog, Coppertop Kitchen, (yes I admit that the only reason I went there is because we have the same name! Today I've been on a mission to read blogs of people named Liz.) and her blog is really really cute and it made me glad that I am affiliatory about deeply superficial things like names. 

In this post she talks about how ridiculous the liberal use of 'LOL' is in the most inappropriate of places.  

I quote Elizabeth here. 
"I just made macaroni and cheese for dinner LOL."
"I love peas LOL."
"I reaaaallllly need to clean my bathroom LOL."
And I just think, are you really L-ing O L right now?  Really?  Because of macaroni and cheese?  Peas?  ...Needing to clean your bathroom?  Why is that funny?
I imagine these stone-faced people, in dark rooms with only the blue light of their computers, writing ROFL without cracking a smile.
You're bang on the money with this one, Elizabeth!

And you know what actually ruined 'LOL' for me? I had a friend, (let's call him Joel for educational purposes) who used to say LOL any time he wanted to be sarcastic or sardonic or just plain nasty. And I think I'm the only one who got that because no one else used to find it irritating. 

These are snippets of actual chat conversations between us!

Me: Stella's getting married! :)
Joel: LOL!!!!!!!!! To??? Poor guy!

Me: Hey Joel! 'Sup?
Joel: Hey! 
Me: I'm coming to your city in 4 days!
Joel: What???????? Cool!!!!!!!! LOL
Me: 'LOL', it seems!!!!!. Some things haven't changed! You better meet me. That's not even a question.
Joel: How long u gonna be here? 
Me: A week I guess.
Joel: Meet u?... LOL... lemme look into my schedule first

He really did ruin 'LOL' for me! And now any time I say LOL, I'm being sardonic! 

But Elizabeth dahlin', you're a funny kinda gal! 

And I couldn't agree with you more. LOL in incongruous places is just silly!

And ROFL? Really? You wouldn't be laughing if you actually had to 'roll on the floor'!

Let's all vote for LOL and its close cousin ROFL to be taken more seriously. 

And be creative. Use appropriate emoticons instead of saying LOL and ROFL in all instances! There's a reason why there is one emoticon for each possible human emotion and action.



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