Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The big search

While Jessica Hische has said something that is truly and insightful and life changing, it makes me wonder what possible vocations I might be inclined towards.

There is

1. Compulsive viewer of television shows on the internet. 

FYI, I have already finished all seasons of Lost, Prison Break, 24, Dexter, Desperate Housewives, How I met your mother, Two and a half men, Better with you, Happy Endings, Lie to Me and The Mentalist and I am steadily making my way through House MD. (The shows I watch on TV sometimes are in addition to this, but the programming in the third world is kinda sad so the television plays season 3 when season 22 is actually going on in the first world.)

Yeah, I have a lot of time in my hands and often get very little sleep.

2. Obsessive blogger and reader of other blogs

Not a bad choice for a career ideally, but the logistics of it boggles my mind. And honestly speaking, precious few amongst the 10101983937409 bloggers that there are in this galaxy, are going to be like The Pioneer Woman or Dooce and earn a gazillion currency notes every month. So let's leave this aside for now, or at least until I have 20 people consistently reading the blog.

As for reading other blogs, which one of you is gonna pay me to read your blog?

3. Virtual stalker of Taye Diggs

This may be my favourite. Now how could I do this for a living! Maybe Taye Diggs should be ordered to pay me.

4. Real life stalker of Thomas 

He is a cryptic kinda boy and I am a curious kinda gal! The more apocrypha there is, the more interested I get. Works well for the relationship. It keeps the chemistry flowing over the thousands of miles that separate us.

5. Reader of the dictionary

It's my favourite fiction. Beats even the newspapers.

Yup. That's all I do in my life.

Now what could I possibly make out of all this!


  1. U could be a dictionary writer? Or a virtual detective or a blogger :) so looks like u've nailed it!

  2. I was gonna say TV show critic! That could always be a feature on your blog and if that gets popular you could totally rock it! This quote is amazing, and I"ve often thought about the same but haven't put it into those perfect words. It is so so true...

  3. I agree! I love the quote too. you could say that it spoke to me.:)

    Sarah, you are right! I should be a dictionary writer. I love making up new words too!

    OR like you both said, I could critique TV shows. People say too many nice things about House MD. Enter, Me!

  4. Is there a way to get paid for watching Chuck and Psych obsessively? Or listening to songs on youtube? Cuz if so, I want that job.

  5. Oh, Im so racing you for that job! Or maybe we could start a company that does that. What say?


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