Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad Romance

Today was a monumental day in my life because first came this.

And inside, was this.

My first macaron!

I talk so much about macarons to people you'd think I invented them.

Even in this blog, I have written about it here.

But I live in a city where we eat like cavemen and macarons are expected to be available in the 3010s. So I got off my behind one day and went and made macarons myself. This is what they looked like.

Kidding. These are by Aran from Cannelle et Vanille. Fooled ya!

These are what my macarons looked like.

Or maybe I should call it macaron square.

The one in the picture is what they were supposed to look like. They are by Callum from Masterchef Australia, the bestest TV show ever! And you can read about how the macarons became a giant macaron here. It's a pleasing story.

But I ate a true blue macaron today from a true blue Parisian Bakery today. Paul, its called. Founded in 1889. And it was alright. Maybe I had romanticized the idea too much for the macaron to live up to it anyways.

(Note to self: A macaron cannot be manna. Manna cannot be a macaron. A macaron cannot be manna. Manna cannot be a macaron. A macaron cannot be....)

Gimme one meringue any day in exchange for 20 macarons. (But then again my love for meringues are also due to romanticized notions. Refer to this. It's a story about my grandmother. It's a pleasing story.)

Questions to God: What is manna, really? Everyone keeps talking about it. Can I taste?

Also, can I be rational about things like Lady Gaga is when I grow up? 


  1. back to the macaron eh? even ive never had one and try not to think abt it too much as i dont have the time to make it either :) even i've wondered what is manna... and i've thought tht it might taste similar to a meringue :)

  2. we,, meringues are so light and airy and taste like sugar right?

    macarons are a little denser and crunchier and taste like almond.

    you might love it!:) if you come to bombay, ill take to a place that sells macarons:)

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE macarons! You're making me hungry!

  4. you do? I was so disappointed that I didnt love them considering that Ive been dreaming about eating them for like a year now!

    Expectations reduce joy, blah blah!!!


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