Sunday, July 3, 2011

10 Reasons why I'm lovin' it in Doha

1. My feet look like this.

My feet are undoubtedly happier when ensconced in gray.

2. There is no pesky younger brother here, who hogs the computer all day. (Though I do miss watching his silences terribly. Yes. I know that the sentence is weird.)

3. I can lie on the couch and watch a Desperate Housewives Marathon on a Home Theatre system with a 50 inch screen and speakers all over the room, rather than on my laptop.

4. I can actually buy evaporated milk and not have to wait a gazillion hours for the milk to evaporate just to get evaporated milk. (Btw, next time, I am just gonna add milk to condensed milk and make it evaporated milk. Think about it conceptually. I am convinced that it will work.) I can also buy whipped cream in a can, cream cheese, asparagus, fresh rosemary and gorgonzola mushrooms. (In Kerala, there is only one kind of mushroom. Guess what they are called...... Mushrooms!!!!!)

5. In Kerala, the weather is so good and the air is so clean and fresh that we don't need an air conditioner. In fact, we don't even have an AC in the house. In Doha, the mercury soars and the sand flies. And of course, this necessitates that every nook and cranny is air conditioned. Processed and conditioned air rocks my socks.

6. My mother is not here. So she can't tell me to 'stop moping and start mopping'.

7. High speed internet.

8. Fast Food at my fingertips!


In Kerala, the closest thing I get to fast food is the burger from Coffee Day, the only coffee shop in town. Hot dogs and cheesy, greasy pizzas are a distant dream. That's what Steven Tyler sang about in  'Dream on' - the status of the fast food scene in Kerala.

9. My father is amazing fun, especially after he has downed 2 bottles of vino or 750 ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label, which happens with alarming regularity.


10. Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin Biscuits from Hardees. That's reason enough actually. 


  1. nice to see that you are back! seriously are there no pizza places in tvm? There are plenty in Ernakulam and also a few in thrissur as well.. but then, we folks at thrissur just prefer to make cheesy, greasy food at home :)

  2. There was Pizza Corner which shut down and there is a fake Dominos where everything tastes like Chettinad Chicken! That place makes me sad! There are pizza places in Thrissur? I dont know how Trivandrum became the capital!

  3. I would die without fast food. I don't mean that in a exaggerated dramatic fashion. I mean that in a 75% of my meals are fast food and I would literally die of starvation. My eating habits need a little bit of work....

  4. In fact, we have ChicKing and Dominoes Pizza in East Fort itself

  5. Meg - You should definitely move to my city of you want to get over your fast food addiction. It really works. It's like an Amish town.

    Sarah - Clearly I am in the wrong place! :)


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