Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

So I have a question for you that is confusing me so much that even the bacteria in my body is threatening to leave out of irritation from all the chatter that is going on in my brain regarding it.

Question: Where do I go for my honeymoon?

Question: Where do i go when it is the one trip that I hope will be the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me?

Question: Where do I go when it is the one thing that I have been looking forward to all my life? (Most girls dream of being married; I dreamt of a honeymoon. So sue me.)

Question: How do I choose between all the mind blowing  places in the world? Scratch that. How do I choose between all the mind blowing places in the Northern hemisphere in Eurasia?

Question: How?

Question: Do I go to Italy and gorge on Tiramisu or Germany and let Thom fulfill his lifelong dream of floating on beer or Brussels and eat waffles or Prague and stare at the sunset. Or do I go to Paris, which I am convinced is the center of the world as God intended for it to be?

Question: If I do choose to go to Paris, how can I come back without going to Nice, Venice, Berlin, Belgium or Zurich?

Question: What about Moldova and Russia and Ljubljana and Stockholm and Warsaw and Helsinki? How will I see all these places?

More than anything in the world, I want to see every inch of the world. (Does that sentence make any sense literally?)

My mind is bursting with apprehension and information regarding making the honeymoon the best trip of my life that I have half a mind to just cancel the whole thing and go to Sri Lanka, which is half an hour away, just so that I don't have to make this life changing, mind altering decision.

Help! Tell me where to go!

Just close your eyes, point to a country and tell me the result. I'll take it as a sign from God! 


  1. So I closed my eyes, tried to aim for France or Italy, and my finger landed on Norway.

    I think that is more of a sign that I have a poor concept of direction with my eyes closed than a sign as to where you should spend your honeymoon.

  2. So can I flatter you both about how important you are and tell you that I have decided to go to France and Switzerland. :) Woohoo!

  3. And lets just pretend that your finger didnt fall on Norway, though I'd love to go there sometime! Sigh! The world!


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