Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dreams of AC / DC


I want this! Ever since I saw this, I have been wholly convinced that the only thing that is standing between me and absolute awesomeness is this Retro Vespa. 

I belong on this scooter - I can feel it in my viscera.

And I plan to call my Italian bombshell Amora Carlotta Delilah Contessa (AC/DC for short). Ain't she pretty?

This is me right before I get on the scooter. 


I am blonde in photographs. Did I forget to mention that? 

So I hop onto the scooter and scoot along to the house of Bernard Arnault of Christian Dior where he greets me with air kisses, gives me a 5 course lunch and then makes me the owner of this dress. 


Yummy, right? That's what I told my dear friend Bernard. 

Then I go buy myself a bunny rabbit so that I'll have someone to share my carrots with, and then retire to my home in the wilderness. 

This is my little picnic spot outside my home. Alice, The Mad Hatter, the children of Captain Von Trapp and I often have lavender tea, crumpets and Eton Mess here together. 

And now, as Julie Andrews says in The Sound of Music, 'The children of Captain Von Trapp wish to say good night to you.'

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