Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not much chocolate for me to eat

One of my first memories of food is that of a dense and fudgy chocolate cake slathered with chocolate buttercream icing and downed with a glass of warm milk. I guess I grew up on a steady dose of this. (And I have a sneaking suspicion that it is this very chocolate cake that has sustained itself as my jelly belly.)

One of the very first things that I ever cooked is a chocolate cake. I used to be the biggest fan of chocolate earlier - 'the finish a box of 64 chocolates and then a whole jar of Nutella just because the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon is on' kinds. I don't like chocolate anymore, which is very weird because the whole process of disliking it started around the time Thom and I started going out and I just am not able to understand this, though I am convinced that there is a connection. But anyways, the one chocolaty thing that I still love is Chocolate Cake. (But no more Gianduja for me, thank you!)

I have been on this quest to find the perfect chocolate cake recipe for about 13 years now. (That's like half my life - a very very very long time in ape years if you ask me. I am the ape, if you're wondering.) And it's critical that I find it in the next three years because by the time I'm done with 2014, I need to be starting my own cafe. (As you can see, I have plans for my life... no need to worry!) And I need the chocolate cake recipe to sell at 'Once upon a cup and cake'. (A warning: This name has been lawfully copyrighted for its outraging awesomeness. You can't steal it even if you wanna!)

I make pretty much every chocolate cake recipe I find. I tried the Pioneer Woman's 'The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever.' which was outstanding. Like the best cake ever. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it is more from the 1 3/4 sticks of butter in the icing, in addition to the 2 sticks of butter in the cake! Now I love The Pioneer Woman and all her pioneering efforts. But she lives on a ranch and she can afford to eat all that butter coz she has cattle to run behind. If I cook all the food that she posts, I will die of Arteriosclerosis or Myocardial Infarction or Adenoidosisiathanusium Lipidosis the day after tomorrow. Also, I want the tastiest cake in the world without the icing. So the quest continued. (But do do do make this cake. It is really really good. I'll probably name it the fourth best cake after my quest is over.)

Then I made David Lebovitz's Devil's Food Cake, which is also awesome. But no. I wouldn't go to the end of the world for it. And my kickbooty cake has to have the power to do that. It has to be surreal and real at the same time.

Then I came to Katie Quinn Davies's Chocolate Fudge Cake which looked so good that I would have eaten the screen of the computer to get a bite of that cake. And I made the cake and it was again fantastic and I luuuuurved the blueberry jam she added to it, but no, I wouldn't kill for it. My cake has to have the power to do that. It has to be able to induce violence and peace in people at the same time.

And then I got desperate and screamed a bit and then searched the internet for the 'the best chocolate cake ever' (Yeah, I know I'm brilliant.) and one of the cakes that that search lead me to was I am Baker's cake and this lead me to the original Ina Garten Recipe called Beatty's Chocolate Cake and lo behold, it is pretty much the same recipe that I have posted about here. The big difference is that hers has coffee in it and mine (well, Hersheys' actually) has water. But still.

So I have to admit now, that this post does not really have a purpose. My quest is far from over. At least, I hope it is, because this can't be the best chocolate cake ever. But I can definitely say that the best chocolate cakes that I have eaten are The Hersheys Cake and Nigella Lawson's Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake which is so absolutely freakin' awesome I could cry but so buttery and creamy that I still can't bring myself to add all that cream to all that butter. And the version I make is flippin' fantastic with just half as much butter. (But do try it if you live on a ranch and have cattle to run behind.)

Please mail me if you have any ideas! I'll bake you cakes on request for the rest of your life if you give me the recipe for the best chocolate cake ever! 


  1. I love the hersheys cake too! but the last time i made it, something funny happened and most of the cake batter flowed out of the bowl and i was left with a huge crater instead of a cake. But it was an awesome tasting crater... and i named it The Chocolate Crater!

  2. All the cakes I make looks like that. It must be something with the oven coz it cant be me. :) I should call all of the Chocolate Crater


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