Sunday, June 26, 2011

Off to see the wizard

The next time I write here, I will possibly be in another country. (How awesome is technology huh? One day I'm here and the next day I'm there.)

I'm going to Doha, Qatar, to spend a month with my darling father.

This is the Middle East, and the tiny speck that the arrow points to, is Doha. 

And now I want to tell you some funny things about Qatar, you know, because its always useful to know these things, especially when you want to distract angry spouses, parents, employers or kidnappers with mind-numbingly random trivia.


Oh wait... there is none. Doha is possibly even more uneventful and non happening than Trivandrum, Kerala. 

Such is life but I'm super duper excited though, to say the least.

And I will of course give you updates on the good lookin' Arab men I meet and all the food I eat with them. ;) 

Over and out. 


  1. have a nice trip! And eat lots of shawarmas and baklavas

  2. Oh yes. That's exactly the plan! :) Thank you muchly.

  3. no updates from the other country?


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