Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The nature of developement

The first question in my exam was 'Name the nature of development.' I am still unsure as to what to make of that.  And you can imagine how the rest of the question paper went. It was a testament to how 'first impressions are the best impressions'.

I realized midway through the paper that I automatically spell development as 'developement'. I have written about this problem here. And then I noticed that my answer sheets thus far looked like this.

I'm guessing that the evaluator is sure to wonder why I would dare to write a paper on development when I can't even spell the word. And  then I decided not to talk about the stone in another's eye with a log languishing in mine, decided to give the person who set the question paper a break and didn't judge him for ten minutes.

Halfway through the exam, the supervisors started calling out names of the examinees to sign the attendance sheets. That is when I took my ten minute entertainment break. I was writing my exam with the likes of 'Salmalkar George, Lijina Aji, Rajalach Pachka and Phonia Mary'. I think it was the first time that I, Elizabeth George, felt normal.

And then I saw the question 'Describe the nature of moral feelings.', followed by 'Discuss about identity.', and that is when I lost it again.

I have decided that I am going to stop studying for these exams. I will be more at ease if I don't give anything into this relationship when I don't get anything back.

An after thought: I think I have become like this annoying person who constantly talks about her baby on Facebook with an updated status every 5 minutes or like someone who only has time to crib about his job.

I think I may change the name of the blog from Whims and Fancies to Woes and Foes so that at least you will be warned about what you are getting when you visit.

The end.

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